In-Home Care Tips to Help Seniors Regain Their Calm

June 23, 2023

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As seniors age, they may find themselves in more stressful situations, whether it's due to worrying about their health, issues with finances, or the passing of friends or significant others. When this happens, seniors need a supportive team on their side, such as loved ones and in-home care to help them deal with the stress and find their inner calm.

It is crucial for seniors to have the skills they need to remain calm and resilient in the face of challenging circumstances because stressful conditions can harm both their mental and physical health. The following are some suggestions for helping seniors remain calm in difficult circumstances.

Teach Them to How to Focus on Deep Breathing

Breathing exercises focusing on deep breathing can be an easy and effective technique to relieve anxiety and tension. Encourage seniors to find a quiet spot where they may sit or lie down and take calm, deep breaths.

Teach them to take a breath through their nose for the count of four, then hold it for the same amount of time, and finally, let it out through the mouth for the same amount of time. Encourage them to repeat this process until they feel peaceful and centered. Be patient with them, as it may take some time to feel comfortable with the process.

Introduce Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness techniques have been demonstrated to lessen feelings of stress and anxiety and improve one's mood and overall well-being. Encourage seniors to locate a calm setting where they can sit comfortably, close their eyes, and concentrate on their breath as they do so. Tell them to gently bring their attention back to their breathing when their thoughts wander.

They could also practice mindfulness by focusing on the here and now or cultivating gratitude. There are many free apps to teach seniors more about meditation. In-home care can facilitate mindfulness by pulling seniors back into the present and encouraging a peaceful environment.

Incorporate Activity Into Their Routine

Physical activity is one of the most effective ways to manage stress and improve mood. Encourage seniors to participate in activities they enjoy, such as going on walks, swimming, or doing yoga. A better quality of sleep and fewer signs of depression and anxiety are two additional benefits of regular exercise.

In-home care providers can assist in increasing seniors' physical activity by helping them find ways to be active. They may also join in with seniors to motivate them and ensure their safety. Seniors should get 30 minutes of physical exercise daily for maximum health.

Encourage Seniors to Socialize

The ability to maintain healthy social ties is critical to overall well-being. Those same social ties assist in better management of the effects of stress. Encourage seniors to communicate with members of their peer group or to participate in support groups if they're struggling with a particular issue. They can also get involved in events in their neighborhood or volunteer work, both of which can help them feel like they have a purpose and a connection to others.

For seniors, dealing with stressful situations can be challenging, but there are ways that can help them find serenity and resilience in the face of adversity. Encourage them to use the tips above when they show signs of stress. With the support of loved ones and in-home care, they will be less stressed in no time.

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