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Companion Care at Home Tips for Encouraging Seniors to Stay Active

June 30, 2023

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As people get older, it's more crucial than ever to emphasize being active. Exercise has positive effects on both physical and mental health, including stress reduction and mood enhancement. Unfortunately, with mobility issues, many seniors have trouble continuing to lead active lives. Seniors' independence and quality of life can be maintained through loved ones and companion care at home, providing support and encouragement. Continue reading to learn why it's so crucial for seniors to stay active, as well as some suggestions for supporting that activity.

Physical Advantages of Exercise for Seniors

Being physically active can help seniors in many ways, including lowering their chance of developing chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Seniors who participate in physical activity are more likely to stay at a healthy weight, have better balance and flexibility, and experience fewer falls. Exercise can help prevent or delay the onset of dementia and has been related to increased cognitive function.

Benefits of Physical Activity for Seniors' Mental Health

The benefits of physical activity can also extend to mental wellness. Endorphins are released during exercise and can help lower stress levels, boost mood, and reduce anxiety. Regular exercise has also been demonstrated to lessen the effects of depression and enhance general well-being.

Advice for Motivating Seniors to Exercise

It might be difficult to motivate seniors to stay active but loved ones and companion care at home can be an important source of encouragement for them. Here are some suggestions for motivating seniors to exercise:

  • Encourage seniors to begin with simple, doable tasks like going for a daily stroll or doing some moderate stretching. Increase your physical activity's intensity and duration gradually over time.
  • Make the activity fun, whether it's dancing, swimming, or gardening. The key is to discover physical activities that seniors like doing and go from there. 
  • Don't forget about group classes, which can be a terrific opportunity for seniors to meet new people.
  • Companion care at home professionals can support seniors by offering to go with them on walks or other physical activities. They can also provide transportation to group activities if that's what seniors choose.
  • Encourage seniors to incorporate physical activity into their daily routine by helping them to make it a habit. When seniors make time for exercise a regular part of their schedule, it becomes second nature.
  • Honor seniors' accomplishments, whether they succeeded in a fitness challenge or just continued their usual exercise schedule. Seniors might be encouraged to continue being active by receiving positive feedback.

Keeping active is essential for the physical and emotional well-being of seniors. Their independence and quality of life can be maintained through encouraging activities and receiving support from loved ones.

With the addition of a companion care at home team, they can continue to maintain their activity levels and benefit from exercise. The key is to find something they love and start small. In no time at all, they will be on their way to optimum health. 

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