What Can You Do to Help Your Senior to Deal with Frustration about Mobility Issues?

April 28, 2021

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If your elderly family member is no longer able to be as mobile as she used to be, she might become incredibly frustrated and upset. This is a normal reaction, but she can’t stay stuck in frustration.  

Talk to Her Doctor about Options 

Your senior may have more options than she realizes are available to her. Physical therapy may help with mobility, for instance, or there may be other treatments for the issues that are affecting her mobility. Just talking to her doctor can help her to feel more in control over what’s happening with her mobility and her body. 

Help Her to Find the Right Assistive Tools for Her 

Your elderly family member might not be excited about these ideas, but assistive tools are exactly what she needs if her mobility is becoming more of an issue. Not every assistive device is right for every situation. It matters that she chooses the right tool for her specific needs. Walkers and canes offer very different levels of support and she might need one at particular times and the other in different situations. Encourage her to use those tools to make her life easier and safer. 

Consider Hiring Elder Care Providers 

Elder care providers are incredibly helpful when it comes to mobility issues. They can help your elderly family member to be safe in her own home and they can be vital if she’s out and about in public. They can help her to use her assistive devices properly and they can make sure they’re available to her when she needs them. All of this can help your senior to feel more in control of her situation. 

Be as Encouraging as Possible 

If you’re able to do so, be as encouraging and as positive as you can be. This can help your elderly family member to keep her own attitude positive about what she’s experiencing. Even if she doesn’t like your bubbly approach, it helps that you’re not feeding into any negativity she might be expressing. Talk to her about what else she needs from you so that you can continue to offer her the right levels of support. 

Dealing with a big decrease in mobility is a huge challenge for anyone, but it can be debilitating to your senior. Her whole life may be changing in ways that she’s not prepared to handle and that’s a lot to manage both physically and emotionally. 


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