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Seniors Should Focus on Exercise and Core Strength

July 8, 2022

Elder Care Atherton, CA: Seniors and Exercise

An elderly person's physical capabilities may have diminished to the point that they can no longer engage in intense exercise. How much physical activity is optimal for your elderly parents? Is it true that seniors also need to exercise for 150 minutes each week, as recommended by the CDC? For seniors over 65, the daily recommended amount of moderate activity is 2.5 hours or about 30 minutes. However, not every elderly person can handle the same level of exercise.


Some seniors may prefer different types of exercise, while others may want to go to a physiotherapist. A senior with a handicap may need frequent visits to their doctor or physical therapist. An elderly person should also learn about their own body and choose what exercises suit them. Walking for an hour a day may be too much for an elderly person who has difficulty doing so, but going for shorter walks of ten minutes or so followed by a one-hour yoga session may be just the thing. Finding a schedule that is manageable for an elderly person is crucial. It may be time to look for elder care options if they are having difficulty maintaining their household. 


Professionals providing elder care may not be experts in nutrition or know which workouts are suitable for seniors, but they can assist in making sure their clients are healthy and happy. Even if it's simple, it's not something you can afford to give your parents when you have a career and a family. Elder care may also help them focus on an exercise routine that keeps them more independent in the long run and may include core strength. 


Our core helps us avoid back pain, improves our coordination, and simplifies our daily activities. Thus, we are less prone to sustain injuries from balance-related falls. Common misconception: abdominal muscles are the core. Even though the abdominals are a part of the core, the torso as a whole is what makes up the core muscles. The essential region includes:

  • Ab muscles, or the rectus abdominus (the front stomach muscles)

  • The ins and outs of the obliques (the muscles running along the sides)

  • A muscle known as the transvers abdominus (the layer of muscle surrounding the spine)

  • Hips

  • Muscles in the lower back

All of these muscles are included in the core and will help a senior walk, move, and balance even as they age. 


A strong core is vital at any age, but it's especially crucial for the elderly since it may help prevent falls and other accidents. Avoiding injuries is especially important for those in this age group since the body takes longer and requires more effort to recover from trauma as we age. For seniors, developing a strong core is crucial for injury prevention and has several other positive health effects.

  • Core workouts help improve a senior's overall strength. 

  • Core strength will help a senior balance better and fall less. 

  • It can help make daily tasks much easier. 

  • It may help reduce back pain or reduce other pains. 

  • Core strength may help manage all pains.

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