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Improving Health as You Age

December 9, 2022

Senior Home Care Saratoga, CA: Improving Health

Many factors determine a person’s health as they get older, and some of them cannot be altered. Family history and environment may cause health issues that need to be managed but cannot be eliminated. 

But your aging loved one can also take steps to reduce some of the common issues elderly people have when they age. With your help and the help of others around them such as their senior care team, your loved one can make sure he has plenty of healthy and happy days ahead. 

Most changes that your loved one has control over are based on the lifestyle he chooses to live – the things he has a say in whether or not he does them. Some of these items are things he should add to his lifestyle and some are things he should eliminate or reduce. Even small changes can make a big difference in his quality of life. 

Be Active

Whether he’s a fan of an active lifestyle or hates it, there’s no denying that those with active lifestyles live healthier lives. They live longer and often better with less pain and disability. A great place for your loved one to start being active is to start walking more. He should consult with his doctor if he hasn’t been physically active, but increasing the number of steps he takes daily can help improve his health. Having a friend or a senior care provider join him on his walks can also help lower depression and loneliness, both of which are common in the elderly. 

Eat Well

Choosing good food options as he ages is just as important as staying active. The food that goes into his body is going to affect how well his body works. Making smart food choices can help protect him from certain health problems and may even help improve brain function. Choosing wisely can also help your loved one stay at a healthy weight, which will increase the likelihood that he’ll avoid diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, which are often linked to obesity. 

Stay Well Rested

Sleep is another important aspect of staying healthy. Older adults often don’t get restful sleep as nights sleeping are interrupted by pain, medication side effects, or even worry. A good tip to help your loved one sleep better is to have a good, consistent sleep routine. Help his body know when it’s time to go to sleep by staying on the same sleep schedule whether it’s the weekend or a weeknight. He should strive to go to bed and get up at the same time every day. 

He can also work on having a sleep routine that he does each night to help him fall asleep. It should involve turning off all electronics – phones, computers, and TV. It can also then include things such as calming music, a scent diffuser, or reading a book in a quiet home. 

These basic cornerstones are important for the improved health of your elderly loved one. If there is one he struggles with, enlist the help of a senior care provider for support to get him to a more healthy place.

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