What Should Your Senior Do if She Falls?

May 9, 2018

No matter what you and your senior have done to help her avoid falling, there may come a time when she does experience a fall. Here's what she needs to do in order to get back up.Elderly Care in San Jose CA: What Should Your Senior Do if She Falls? Elderly Care in San Jose CA: What Should Your Senior Do if She Falls?Avoid Getting up Right Away.One of your senior's first instincts might be to hop up right away. Part of this is to prove to you and to herself that she's actually okay. But the better option is for her to take her time getting up. If she needs to take a few deep breaths to calm down a bit, that's even better. When she's ready to even think about getting up, everything needs to happen slowly.Use Something Sturdy to Brace Herself.When your senior is ready to get up, she needs to brace herself on something sturdy that isn't likely to move out from under her. If you or elderly care providers are there with her, you can move a chair to her and brace it for her. If she's alone, however, she'll need to rely on something that is close to her that is extremely stable. Sometimes a supportive item is too far away, which means your elderly family member will need to move much more carefully.Roll to the Side and Rise Slowly.Once your senior has something to brace herself on, she can carefully start to get up. She should start by rolling onto her side and using the sturdy item to support her weight. As she rolls, your elderly family member will end up on her knees. If your senior needs to move closer to a sturdy piece of furniture or a chair, it's at this point that she might be able to scoot closer to that sturdy item.Get Help if She Can't Get Up.Helping your senior to get up may not be fully the right thing to do if she falls. If your senior can't get up on her own, this could be a sign that she's more injured than either of you realize. So if she's not able to get up by herself, you should call 911. Medical personnel can help to determine if your senior needs to go to the hospital for further evaluation. It's a good idea for your elderly family member to see her doctor about her fall, even if she thinks she's perfectly fine. This helps to rule out small injuries that can present bigger problems down the line.

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