FAQs Regarding Respite Care

June 23, 2020

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If you are going to be taking care of your elderly loved one and they are in need of respite care, you might have a variety of questions. Reading more about some of the common questions regarding respite care might give you the answers you are looking for. If they don’t you can always call a respite care specialist or an elder care provider and talk to them about what this type of care entails.  

What exactly is respite care?  

You might be wondering what respite care will entail for your elderly loved one. This type of care occurs when the loved ones of the elderly adult need a break. Family caregivers can’t do it all. From time to time, you are going to need a break. Hiring a respite care provider can allow someone else to take over the light housekeeping, daily hygiene for your elderly loved one, appointments, and errands. When the respite care provider takes over, you can recharge or even go on a vacation.  

Who will offer this type of care? 

If you are looking for respite care for your elderly loved one, you should contact an elder care company. They can help you to get the respite care services that you need for your elderly loved one. The provider they send out to your elderly loved one’s home can take care of them temporarily while you get the break that you need.  

Will private insurance provide coverage for respite care? 

Most of the time insurance plans won’t cover respite care. However, if your elderly loved one has some type of long-term care insurance, this type of plan might cover the respite care services. You will need to check into their plan coverage to see if it is covered. 

Will Medicaid or Medicare pay for respite care? 

If your elderly loved one has Medicare, generally respite care will only be paid for if they live in a hospital, hospice facility, or nursing home. With this being said, there still might be some limitations on what can be covered. If your elderly loved one has Medicaid, there are some waivers that might allow for respite care coverage.  

How many times can your elderly loved one receive respite care? 

If your elderly loved one’s insurance won’t provide coverage for respite care and it is being paid for privately, they can receive this type of care as much as is needed. With Medicare coverage, your elderly loved one can get respite care for 5 days every billing cycle.  


Now that you know more about respite care, if you or other family caregivers need a break, you can contact an elder care company to look into respite care services.  


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