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Signs a Loved One Could Use In-Home Care

September 26, 2013

happy_grandmaMaking the important decision to hire in-home senior caregivers to assist your loved one is not always an easy process. However, if you feel that he or she could benefit from some extra support and care, then it’s important to act on your intuition for the sake of his or her health and safety. Here are three signs that loved ones could use in-home care:They Are Forgetting to BatheIf you notice that your loved one doesn’t smell or appear as clean as he or she used to, you may want to inquire about his or her bathing habits. Many seniors either forget to bathe regularly or they fear bathing and showering because of the risk of falling. They may also lack the energy to perform this simple task on their own.Their Home Becomes Increasingly MessierOne of the most obvious signs that your loved one could use in-home care is a poorly kept home. Cleaning a home requires a significant amount of energy that some seniors may no longer be capable of. Some with memory care problems fail to notice the mess around them.They Suffer from Mysterious BruisingBruising on the body is a serious sign that your loved one may need help , as it often indicates that he or she may have fallen. Even a small fall poses serious risks for a senior. An in-home senior caregiver can help your loved one get around the home and perform everyday tasks safely, thereby reducing the risk for a major fall. If you think that your loved one could use in-home care, be sure to call Familiar Surrounding Home Care at (408) 979-9990. We can discuss the various levels of care with you and help you determine which is right for your senior loved one.