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Delivery Possibilities for Home Care

August 26, 2015

Home Care in Palo Alto CA

Because the desire to age in place is growing in popularity among seniors, so has the home delivery options now available. The delivery of goods not only makes aging in place more convenient, Home Care in Palo Alto CAbut it helps benefit seniors receiving in-home care who are no longer able to drive. The added comfort of knowing a home deliver option is available not only adds peace of mind, but it allows seniors to remain independent longer while receiving help for their elder care needs.Elder Care Delivery Options
  • Concierge: while this service is both delivery and pick-up, it helps seniors achieve a wide range of tasks. Service providers will run their errands including picking up groceries, dry cleaning and more.
  • Meals: the most popular meal deliver service is Meals on Wheels, however other local services may be available through government agencies, senior centers, or religious groups.
  • Packages: package services is an obvious one, but few realize the options available for home delivery. Seniors receiving home care can use the Internet to order just about everything they need for their elder care needs online. Many websites, like Amazon.com offer a clip-able digital coupon on cleaning or other household products on top of an already discounted price.
In-Home Safety ConcernsSome families worry about their aging loved ones coming into contact with so many strangers while taking advantage of home delivery options throughout their senior care. This worry can be alleviated through use of some simple devices and practices:
  • Schedule: Families can help their aging love one stay safe during in-home care by ensuring all deliveries are scheduled, and marked down on a calendar hung in a prominent area of the home. That way, if someone is knocking on the door during unscheduled times, they are less likely to open the door.
  • Barriers: Install chains on the door, or a screen door with a lock so seniors can see who is at the door before allowing anyone in.
  • Discussions: Families should discuss not opening the door unless they see a person in uniform or someone holding a package, and then confirm where they are from through the door before opening and receiving deliveries.
  • Cameras: Install a security camera by the front door or primary exit so it monitors who is coming and going.
  • Mobile Devices: Portable mobile emergency alert systems can be worn around the senior's neck or as a bracelet so, if something occurs, they can push a button and alert officials immediately.
Final ThoughtsMaintaining independence during senior care is important, therefore the addition of home delivery options to elder care plans is beneficial to aging loved ones receiving help with in-home care. Families can help facilitate these options by researching what is available through local businesses and agencies for seniors, as well as secure online shopping options. Because identity theft and scamming is a constant issue among seniors, families can work regularly with their aging loved one to ensure they are receiving optimal services from reputable companies in their community and on the Internet. If you or an aging loved one are looking for home care services in Palo Alto, CA, please call Familiar Surroundings Home Care. Call today! Santa Clara County: (408) 600-2760 San Mateo County: (650) 458-0140 Santa Cruz County: (831) 325-0890 Bottom of Form Source http://www.ackermansecurity.com/resources/blog/senior-citizen-month-how-to-keep-your-elderly-loved-ones-safe-from-maliciou

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