What Are Things That Can Cause Poor Kidney Function?

November 15, 2023

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Your kidneys remove the waste throughout your body, so it is crucial to keep them functioning as best as possible. Unfortunately, as important as these organs are, many seniors have problems with them. You might be wondering - what causes poor kidney functioning?

Here are a few reasons your loved one may have kidney problems:

High Blood Pressure

To find out what a healthy blood pressure should be, you should always go to a doctor and get your blood pressure tested, and ask the doctor what a healthy range is. Blood pressure becomes too high when it constantly pushes through the vessels in your body, making your organs, like your heart, work extra hard to pump through everywhere. If your senior wants to start focusing on blood pressure and lowering it, the best thing they can do is focus on exercise and diet. If they need more help to focus on diet, they may need more help in the kitchen to cook and even grocery shop. Home care can ask for a list of foods the senior should be focused on from the doctor, and then help them incorporate it into each meal.

Medications Impact Kidneys

When a person takes too many anti-inflammatory drugs, it can cause kidney problems. If your senior has been using Tylenol or something else to help ease their inflammation, they are also risking kidney problems. The best thing they can do is to try to talk to their doctor about why they feel they need to take so many medications and what they can do instead, especially if they're worried about kidney health. Your loved one's doctor may decide to put them on other medications to help manage the pain and prevent kidney failure.


Many seniors have a higher risk of developing diabetes than someone who is younger. This is because they have eaten bad things throughout their life, and it all builds up. When blood sugar is too high, it can damage the kidneys. If your senior does not yet have diabetes, it is time to focus on eating well and limiting the amount of sugar they eat. This is another thing that home care can help your loved one with. They can remind them to make better food choices with less sugar in it.

Possible UTI

A UTI stands for urinary tract infection, and if this spreads from the original spot, it can lead to the kidneys, which is a bad thing and can be very painful. It is crucial to take them to the doctor to get medications to fix the issue if you suspect your loved one has a UTI. If the UTI spreads without medications, your loved one could severely damage their kidneys, which will result in more pain. A burning sensation while in the bathroom, lower back pain, or cloudy urine, can all be signs that they have a UTI that needs to be treated. The doctors will be able to know what is going on, but it is the senior's responsibility to get there and figure out what is going on first.


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