What Should You Do if Your Senior Has Heart Disease?

November 30, 2020

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Heart disease is not something that your elderly family member can ignore. She needs to figure out fairly quickly how she wants to handle the strain her body is under so that she can heal as well as possible. That might mean that you need to get involved more quickly than you expected. 

Work out a Plan with Her Doctor 

Talk to your elderly family member’s doctor about what heart disease means for your senior, both now and in the future. The sooner that you can get a handle on what needs to happen and how this is going to impact your senior’s quality of life, the better your plan is going to be. That plan might involve medication, lifestyle changes, and more. 

Start Implementing that Plan  

A plan only does you and your senior so much good. She needs to start putting that plan in motion, or it’s not going to do any of the things you need and want it to do. Making changes is tough, though. Start out making small changes as quickly as you reasonably can. If you go too fast, though, you might find it is tougher for your senior to stick with the changes you’re making. 

Consider Finding a Support Group 

Something as big as heart disease can be pretty scary to get diagnosed with all of a sudden. One solution that can help your elderly family member is to talk to other people who are going through the same thing she’s going through. There are plenty of in-person and online support groups that can help your senior to work through how she’s feeling and what she needs to do next. 

Bring in Elderly Care Providers 

When you remember that change can be difficult, you realize that your senior may need a little more help to make those changes. Elderly care providers can be the perfect answer. They can lighten the load for her in some areas so that she has the time and the energy she needs to focus on more important factors, like exercising according to her doctor’s recommendations and resting when she needs to. Also, if she’s facing dietary changes, having someone else handling the cooking can really help a lot. 

Heart disease is something that your senior needs to get in front of as soon as she can. That’s a lot easier when you and she are on the same page. 


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