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Nutrition Myths Family Caregivers of the Elderly Should Know

April 14, 2021

Home Care Belmont, CA: Nutrition Myths

As a family caregiver for your elderly loved one, there are certain things you need to know about their nutritional needs. In order to fully understand what the elderly need in this regard, it might be a good idea to understand some of the common nutrition myths for the elderly. Keep reading here to find out more about these nutrition myths, so you can better help meet your elderly loved one’s nutritional needs.  

Added Sugar is Bad Always 

Have you heard that added sugar is bad all the time? If your elderly loved one likes their sweet treats, there is good news. Some added sugar, every once in a while, isn’t that bad. In fact, for elderly people who don’t have much of an appetite, adde3d sugar can make their food tastier. This might make them want to eat more of it, so they can stay healthier. With this being said, it is important to talk to your elderly loved one’s doctor or a nutrition expert. This way, you can find out how much added sugar is alright for your elderly loved one to have every day.  

Eating Eggs Raises Cholesterol Levels 

Have you heard that eating eggs raises cholesterol levels? The truth is that the dietary cholesterol in eggs doesn’t really have to do with the cholesterol in one’s body. Eggs only very little saturated fat. This means that your elderly loved one doesn’t have to worry if they like to eat eggs multiple times a week. The benefits of eating eggs outweighs the saturated fat effects.  

Putting Salt in Boiling Water is a Bad Thing 

Has your elderly loved one been putting salt in their boiling water? Do you think that this is bad for them? The truth is that putting salt into boiling water can make the food taste better. In addition, the salt helps the nutrients to stay in vegetables when boiling them. So, it actually is not such a bad thing for your elderly loved one to put salt in the water they are boiling.  

Elderly People Shouldn’t Eat Snacks 

Some people say that elderly people shouldn’t eat snacks. One reason that this is said is because their metabolism is slower, so it is more difficult for them to burn off the extra calories. However, the truth is, that elderly people should have snacks. It will help to keep their energy up. There are many health snacks that you and home care providers can get for your elderly loved one. 


Now that you know the nutrition myths for the elderly, you can help your elderly loved one to stay healthier.  


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