How Can Senior Care Services Assist With Diabetes Management?

In 2015, the American Diabetes Association said 20.4 million adults in the U.S. had diabetes. Another 84.1 million have prediabetes. Around 12 million people aged 65 or older are believed to have diabetes.

You Can Help an Elderly Person to Quit Smoking

Millions of seniors successfully quit smoking each year, but it is no easy task. As they learn about all the health benefits that come with quitting smoking, it’s a strong motivation to leave the bad habit behind. Family caregivers, elderly care providers and friends can assist the aging adult in breaking the habit by being supportive and not enabling the senior in sliding back into smoking.

Four Tricks You Can Use to Start Exercising Regularly

Excerpt: Exercising doesn’t have to feel impossible, even if you aren’t excited about it.

5 Ways to Tell a Senior Should Stop Driving

Despite his worsening eyesight, 80-year-old Edward insisted he was fine to drive.

Can I Help Elderly Relatives with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

It may seem as if your aging loved one gets particularly lethargic, blue or distressed in the late winter months.

Four Steps for Preparing Your Senior for Emergencies

Emergencies by their very definition sneak up on you, but you can help your senior to be more prepared for them. Setting up a kit and a system for getting your senior what she needs in an emergency is a crucial part of preparation. Put Together a Kit of Supplies. During an emergency, supplies are…

Seniors Who Struggle with Driving Safely

Has your aging relative recently gotten in another car accident? Are you nervous for your safety when you ride with them? Have they experienced serious physical or mental health challenges recently? Do you wonder whether it’s time for them to stop driving themselves around? If these questions are all too familiar, you are likely dealing…

What are Low Vision Devices and How Do They Help?

Is your aging loved one struggling to read the paper or can’t see their beloved birds when they go bird watching? They may feel frustrated that they can no longer thread a needle or build a model. Even worse, they cannot see well enough to pay bills, follow a recipe, or read facial expressions.  Most…

5 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Elderly Relatives

Just because a person is elderly doesn’t mean they skip over the excitement of fun holidays. Valentine’s Day is a time where people of all ages can express their feelings for others and receive love in return. However, with physical and mental health issues, many seniors don’t get to participate in Valentine’s day events like…

6 Devices to Track Older Adults with Dementia

Some of the behavioral symptoms that occur with dementia can be dangerous for an older adult. One such dangerous behavior is wandering. As the senior’s cognitive abilities and memories get worse, they can become confused about their environment or they may relive moments in their past. This disorientation can lead to them wandering away from…

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