Three Ideas for Tracking Water Intake

August 4, 2020

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Proper hydration is so important for your senior. Keeping track of how much water she’s drinking can also be really important. Talk to your senior’s doctor about how much water she should ideally be getting if you’re not sure. If your elderly family member wants some more ideas for drinking more water on a regular basis, these might be helpful. 

Try Using a Gamifying App for Water Tracking 

Drinking enough water isn’t always easy. Making that task fun helps an awful lot, but that can be difficult to do on your own. There are a lot of water tracking apps that make getting enough water a game, which can be a lot of fun. Some apps involve watering virtual plants that your senior is able to keep alive while others might have a cute animal or mythical beast that needs water in order to keep going. Other apps allow your senior to go on quests according to her water intake. Experiment to find the ones that she enjoys the most. 

Find a Water Bottle She Likes 

Some people don’t realize it, but the container they drink water out of may matter a lot. Talk to your senior about whether there’s a specific glass, water bottle, or other container that she prefers. She might enjoy water when she drinks it through a straw, for instance, but have trouble drinking enough water any other way. She might have completely different preferences, too. She could feel much more invested in drinking water directly from a glass container, like a Mason jar.  

Keep a Pitcher of Water in the Refrigerator 

While you’re sorting out preferences, it’s important to consider things like water temperature. Some people prefer room temperature water, and that makes a big difference. Other people only want water when it’s ice cold. If that describes your senior, then you’re going to want to keep a pitcher or container of water in the fridge so that it’s ready to go for her. Keeping a specific pitcher in the fridge or on the counter also helps you to keep track of how much your senior has had from that container, especially if you fill up that container every morning. 

Helping your senior to track water intake is something else that elder care providers can do. As they’re helping with other things, they can suggest other ideas that might work for your senior and ensure that she’s staying hydrated. 


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