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What Steps Can You Take If Your Mom Shouldn't Be Alone?

May 11, 2022

Home Care Los Gatos, CA: Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month takes place each May in hopes of bringing attention to the prevalence of mental health issues in the U.S. One in five U.S. adults 55 or older has at least one mental health condition. Depression is one of the most common and affects around 16% of adults over 50 at some point in their life and about 8% report current depression.

Around 12% of adults over the age of 64 reports they did not get the social or emotional support needed to help them with their mental illness. Mental illness can impact activities, including eating properly, keeping up with household chores, and maintaining relationships.

Your mom has been diagnosed with depression. What steps can you take to ensure she doesn't feel alone and has the support she needs?

Talk to Her Doctor

Your mom's generation may not speak up about how she really feels. There's a bit of a keep-it-hidden mentality that is the norm in past generations. She may tell her doctor she's managing well, but in reality, she's struggling.

Talk to her doctor about her options. Seek therapy sessions and support groups for her. Ask about medications and discuss the benefits vs. the side effects. If they could help your mom manage depression, they could be beneficial.

Some therapists offer online chat sessions. If your mom is able to use technology, virtual therapy sessions help a lot as they're easy to schedule and don't require transportation. If she needs help, make sure a caregiver is available during those hours to help her set up and connect.

Schedule Companion Care

Being alone can be hard when you have anxiety or depression. If your mom lives alone, it will help to have someone available to talk to each day. With 24-hour home care services, your mom has caregivers to talk to and stay engaged with while taking walks and playing board games.

Caregivers can clean up the house, wash dishes, and run the laundry. Your mom has help to keep her home organized and cook meals that meet her nutritional needs. Her caregivers can help her shop for groceries and household essentials and assist her while she runs errands.

Arrange 24-Hour Home Care Services

If your mom struggles with some of the common symptoms of depression, such as insomnia and appetite changes, make sure she has the support she needs. Have a caregiver at her home in the middle of the night so that your mom has someone to talk to when she can't sleep.

You can have caregivers available all day and all night to help your mom with meals and snacks. They can also keep up with housekeeping and laundry.

Hire 24-hour home care services to make sure your mom never feels alone. You can spend time with her when you're available, but you don't have to leave her alone the rest of the week. Hire caregivers to support her throughout the day and night. Call now.

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