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Can Personal Care At Home Improve Your Dad's Interest in Activities?

October 27, 2021

Personal Care at Home in San Jose, CA: Staying Engaged

Your dad wants to age at home, and you're happy to do everything possible to make sure that happens. You've noticed he's withdrawing and isn't interested in activities that used to delight him. What can you do to encourage him to become more active and engaged? 
Explore Why He's Not Interested 
Could your dad be struggling to stay active because he no longer drives? If he can't go off on outings without someone else driving, caregivers are a great solution. Caregivers can do the driving. Your dad still goes out, but he's not the one driving. 
He might not feel capable. He wants to paint, but he struggles to move the easel to a window or his patio. With a caregiver helping him out, his favorite hobbies don't have to get ignored. He can rely on his caregiver to carry things for him, make sure your dad has everything he needs, and leave him to his hobby once he's set. 
His caregiver can take him to the park, bring him to his favorite restaurant, or accompany him to the library to get books. Consider signing him up for classes or social events at the local senior center and ensuring he gets there on time by arranging caregiver services. 
Find New Activities 
Your dad may simply be bored with the things he used to do. They may be too hard for him to manage as he ages. He loved to paint, but arthritis makes it hard for him to hold a paintbrush. Come up with new ways for him to enjoy art. Ergonomic paintbrushes may help him. He may want to explore splatter painting instead. 
He might discover other hobbies that are equally appealing. He's never tried baking, but he found he loves making bread. That's a good hobby for strengthening the wrist, fingers, elbows, and shoulders. Gardening, handmade paper, and rug making are other hobbies to try. 
Talk to His Doctor 
Sometimes, older adults withdraw from favorite activities due to depression. Other times, it's worsening memory from dementia that causes the withdrawal. Hearing loss also can be a factor as it makes it hard for your dad to hear conversations. If there is a health issue, it's worth discussing possible treatments. 
With supportive care, your dad can be happier and have a positive outlook. Talk to a personal care at home representative and ask specifically about companionship services. Your dad gains a personal care at home aide for support and friendship, which will improve his outlook. 

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