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What Can Your Senior Really Do to Reduce Her Pneumonia Risk?

August 31, 2021

Personal Care at Home in Belmont, CA: Pneumonia Risk

Pneumonia is a potentially serious lung infection that can cause serious health risks for your elderly family member. If your senior is already dealing with lung issues or has other health concerns, then avoiding pneumonia is something that she definitely wants to do. These tips can help you and her to put a plan in place to do exactly that. 

Talk to Her Doctor about Pneumonia Vaccines 

If your elderly family member is at risk of developing pneumonia, then getting vaccinated against pneumonia as well as the flu might be something that her doctor recommends. Talk with your senior’s doctor about her pneumonia risk and whether vaccination is something that might help her. There could be other suggestions that her doctor makes as well.  

Stay Active and Address Specific Health Risks 

One of the recommendations your senior’s doctor might make is to help her to embrace being more active on a regular basis. This helps to keep her healthier overall and can strengthen her heart and her lungs. If your elderly family member does have underlying health issues or health risks, such as being a smoker, it’s a good idea for her to find solutions for those concerns sooner rather than later. 

Pay Close Attention to Diet and Nutrition 

Part of keeping your senior as healthy as possible involves adjusting her nutritional intake to help her body to have what it needs. If her current diet is not high in vitamins and nutrients, her body may find it difficult to fight off the smallest of illnesses. Often it can be difficult for aging adults to keep up with whole food diets or a lot of cooking, simply because it requires a lot of energy. Having personal care at home can make that much easier for her and ensures that she’s eating regularly. 

Take Action Right Away if You Suspect She’s Ill 

Another way that home care providers can help is by keeping you apprised of what’s going on with your senior’s health. If you suspect that she’s unwell at all, it’s always better to respond quickly to get her to her doctor. With personal care at home, your senior has transportation when she needs it and can get in to see her doctor quickly and hopefully head off what can turn into a scary bout of pneumonia. 

Many cases of pneumonia are avoidable, but if your senior is prone to lung infections it is so important to be as prepared as possible. 


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