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Non-medical Causes of Fatigue in Your Parent

October 20, 2022

Elder Care Menlo Park, CA: Seniors and Fatigue

If your aging parent often complains of feeling tired, and you’ve had all of the possible medical reasons checked out, there can be some lifestyle choices that may be leading to his fatigue.

Since having energy is an important part of anyone’s life to enjoy the things they want to enjoy, let’s look at some reasons why your parent may be feeling especially tired right now. You might find a few small changes can help him increase his ability to keep going throughout the day. 


Yes, boredom can lead to fatigue. When many elderly people retire, they lose their daily schedule and the busyness that can with it. They might find they have nothing to do all day, so they sit and watch TV or just sit on the porch and stare out into the yard. The funny thing with fatigue is that sometimes, the less you do, the more tired you feel. Hiring an elder care provider to come over regularly to play games or have a cup of tea can help your parent break the boredom cycle of fatigue. 


We are what we eat. Empty foods (like candy, fried foods, and sugary sodas) provide lots of calories but little energy. Making a plan to eat healthily can keep your parent active. An elder care provider can help with meal prepping so your parent always has a quick, easy and healthy meal to prepare as well as assist with shopping for the right foods to keep your parent’s energy levels up where they should be. 


When feeling fatigued, it can be hard to get up off the couch and go for a walk, but if your parent is physically able to do that, it’s just what he needs. With exercise (so long as it’s not overdone) using energy creates energy. Moderate exercise improves energy, appetite, and outlook on the day. Help your parent plan for at least 30 minutes of some type of exercise each day. Ask his elder care provider to join him on walks or encourage his daily participation in whatever he enjoys. 

Bad Sleep Habits

Without having a job to force him up each morning, your parent may have found himself developing some bad sleep habits like staying up much too late and then sleeping in too much or taking an overly long nap during the day. These types of inconsistent sleep patterns can cause him to feel fatigued when he is awake. Encourage him to get back into a pattern of going to bed at a consistent time and getting up each morning. He might even need to go back to setting an alarm if he can’t get up on his own each morning. 

Consuming Caffeine

If your parent is drinking caffeinated soda or coffee long into the nighttime hours, it might be keeping him up all night. Have him switch to decaf to see if it helps him sleep better. 

Having energy is important at any age to enjoy life to its fullest. If making changes in these areas does not help, plan for another doctor visit to help your parent find the cause of his fatigue.

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