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Is Your Mom Drinking Enough Water? Does It Matter?

June 9, 2021

Caregiver San Jose, CA: Seniors and Water Intake

Do you know how much your mom drinks each day? If she's likely to go hours without having anything to drink, she's impacting her health. Water keeps the body temperature regulated. It helps lubricate the joints. It also helps rid the body of waste. 
Does she drink enough water each day? While she gets some of her water for the foods she eats, your mom also needs to drink some water each day. Here's the amount she should be drinking and the best ways to ensure she gets enough to stay hydrated. 
There Are Differing Opinions on How Much to Drink 
The general rule used to be to make sure you drank eight glasses of water each day. Every person is different. It depends on your body weight, activity level, and diet. Someone who eats a lot of watermelon for snacks will not need as much water as a person who doesn't. 
The Mayo Clinic recommends a little more than two and a half liters per day for women. Your mom gets about 20 percent of that water from the foods she eats. Melon, oranges, and berries have high water content. If she lives in a hot, dry climate, she may need to drink extra water to make up for the lack of humidity. 
What Happens if She Doesn't Drink Enough? 
When your mom is dehydrated, she'll start to feel thirsty. Her skin may appear dry and won't sink back down as quickly if you lift the skin on the back of the hand. It's essential that she has a glass of water and starts paying attention to timing more water intake each hour to get back on track. 
If she still doesn't drink when she's dehydrated, her body temperature may increase. Her urine will be dark, and she may not feel the need to urinate often. She may start feeling weak and having heart palpitations. 
Caregivers Can Remind Her to Drink More 
Have you looked at the benefits of caregivers? Instead of having your mom alone 24/7, she can have a caregiver with her during the week. With popular home care services like companionship, meal preparation, housekeeping, and transportation, your mom has the help she needs to remain independent. 
How do you arrange these services from professional caregivers? First, call and ask to talk to a home care expert. Second, talk about your mom's strengths and let the expert know where she needs help each day, every few days, or each week.  
You'll find out prices and services that match her needs. From that point, you can book caregivers to help out. 

If you or your loved one is looking for Home Care or Placement Services in San Jose, CA, please call Familiar Surroundings Home Care. 

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