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Yoga For Seniors With High Blood Pressure

November 22, 2021

In-Home Care Belmont, CA: High Blood Pressure

According to the CDC, almost one in three Americans suffer from high blood pressure. It can be impossible to know if your blood pressure is high on your own. However, seniors can now buy home machines that help regulate blood pressure, and in-home care can keep accurate charts of a senior's blood pressure. The other way to check if your blood pressure is too high is by going to the doctors and checking or going to the local convenience store like Rite Aid to use their blood pressure machines.  


In-home care can help encourage seniors to eat better to help lower blood pressure and fill up their meals with healthy alternatives that they may not eat on their own. High blood pressure can be a severe thing because it can lead to heart disease. High blood pressure may also lead to strokes; both of these are the leading causes of death in the United States.  


Things that can help reduce blood pressure include maintaining a healthy weight, eating healthy, drinking less alcohol, quitting smoking, maintaining a healthy workout routine, and finding ways to reduce stress. In-home care can help a senior reduce tons of stress by helping run their household and doing small errands for them. They can also encourage a senior to make healthy life changes that can reduce blood pressure. Yoga may be something that in-home care encourages. Here are some yoga poses that in-home care can help a senior try.  

Bound Angle Pose 

This is a good sitting pose that will help a senior open and stretch their hips. This pose will help their neck, inner thighs, and hips feel relaxed and stretched. How does it help high blood pressure? This bound angle pose focuses on stimulating the circulation in a seniors body. It will also help a senior improve body awareness and learn to listen to what is happening in them. These benefits could help them reduce stress levels as well.  

Head to Knee Bend 

This bend forward pose is great for high blood pressure and body awareness. Not everyone will be able to bend forward and actually touch their head to knees.  However, just by practicing it the senior will get the benefits. Head to knee forward bend will help improve digestion, calm the brain, and allow for a senior to stretch out their entire body.  

Legs-Up-The-Wall Pose 

A person will lay on their back and put their feet up the wall. This is a calming pose that can help a senior relax after a long day. The head and the heart are on the ground making it safer for a person with high blood pressure than other poses. However, some yoga masters claim that no inversion pose is safe for high blood pressure so it will be important to ask a doctor before doing this pose.  

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