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When Does Your Family Member Need Senior Home Care?

September 9, 2022

Senior Home Care San Mateo, CA: Needing Home Care

If you’ve found yourself wondering if now is the time for your senior to have help from home care providers, it might definitely be time. There are certain situations that might cause you to speed up your timetable if you thought you might put off the decision for a little bit longer. Understanding what indicators mean your senior needs more help can make these choices easier.

She Doesn’t Feel Safe at Home

If your elderly family member doesn’t feel safe in her home, that can cause her to lose mobility and to experience even more danger. Senior home care providers are able to assess what might be making your senior feel unsafe and let you know what she needs in order to correct the issues. Sometimes even having caregivers there with your elderly family member can help her to feel safer.

She Fell or Almost Fell

A fall or even a near miss can be absolutely terrifying for your elderly family member. If that’s happened to her, she may now be ready for home care providers to be with her during the day or night. They can help to address the issues that might be contributing to your senior’s fall risk. Some of those factors can include everything from general home safety to whether your elderly family member is eating regularly or not.

Her Memory Is Becoming a Problem

Has your elderly family member’s memory or cognitive ability seemed different lately? If so, it might be time to make sure that she has senior home care there with her on a regular basis. Caregivers are able to watch out for your senior, keep her company, and ensure that her daily needs are met as they arise. All of that is crucial for someone who is experiencing memory trouble.

She Won’t Eat or Her Diet Is Terrible

Your senior may know exactly what she needs to eat in order to be healthy, but that doesn’t mean she’s willing or able to follow through with it. Cooking takes a lot of energy that your aging family member may not have to devote to preparing meals. Having senior home care professionals managing meals for her can be a huge relief for her and for you, because you know she’ll actually be eating healthy foods that support her body’s needs.

Activities of Daily Living Are Too Difficult to Manage

Activities of daily living are those activities that most people do every day without thinking much about them. They start with getting out of bed, getting dressed, and even eating breakfast. If your elderly family member is finding activities of daily living to be more challenging than ever before, she may need the help of home care providers to take better care of herself.

Talk with your elderly family member about home care services and what they can do for her. Even if she feels she’s not ready for a lot of help right now, she might find caregivers to be far more helpful than she realized she needed.

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