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Six Ways to Help a Family Caregiver During World Alzheimer's Month

September 13, 2022

Elder Care Redwood City, CA: Family Caregivers

Your dad has Alzheimer's disease and cannot be left alone. Your sister was able to convert her job into a work-from-home position, and she's with your dad all day and night. Do you make sure you're also helping her out? If not, here are six ways to help her.

Bring Dinner

Help your sister by bringing dinner to your dad's home. Let her sit down and relax while you set the table, put the different items on the table, and have her join you and your dad for a family meal.

Take Your Sister Out

Get someone else to stay with your dad, if needed, for the night. Take your sister out for a meal, a movie, or something you know she loves doing. You could take her to the beach to walk the shore or go to a concert.

Run Errands for Her

Take over errands for a few weeks or permanently if you can. While you're running errands for your dad, your sister has time to relax and take care of herself. It frees up time and helps lighten her load. 

Plan a Family Game Night

Being a family caregiver, especially to a parent with Alzheimer's disease, can be isolating. If your sister doesn't have much time to go out and socialize, bring people to her for a family game night.

Arrange a family game night. Bring games that everyone will enjoy that your dad won't struggle to play. Bring foods and beverages and enjoy a game together with multiple generations. Your dad will enjoy having his family there, and your sister has others around to talk to. 

See Where You Can Free Some of Her Time

Explore other ways to free up your sister's time. If she has to get your dad into the car to pick up her children at school each day, could you pick them up while you're getting your kids? Could they ride the bus with your kids instead, and you'll bring them to your dad's house after?

If your sister has to schedule your dad's appointments and prescription refills, could you take over? Do you have another sibling that can handle the scheduling tasks and take them off your sister's to-do list?

Arrange Respite Care Services for Her

World Alzheimer's Month is a month of awareness, and you should take time to help the family caregiver who's with your dad the most. Make sure that your sister has time off and can focus on relaxing for a change.  Arrange respite care services to ensure your sister has the chance to take breaks.

Call an elder care agency to schedule respite care. Have an elder care aide help your dad for a few days while your sister takes a few days for herself. It will help her a lot, and it ensures your dad has the support he needs in her absence.

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