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Six Big Signs Your Senior Could Use Extra Assistance

October 11, 2022

Senior Home Care San Jose, CA: Seniors and Extra Assistance

Is there an easy way to know when senior home care providers would be helpful for your elderly family member? Every situation is different, but there are some universal signs that might be helpful to know when you’re trying to determine the answer to that question for your aging family member.

Her Moods Are Off

Everybody has an off day now and again and your senior doesn’t have to be full of joy every moment of every day, of course. But if you’re noticing that she seems moodier than usual lately or she’s having more trouble regulating her emotions recently, that can be a sign that there’s more going on. Digging a little deeper may let you know that your senior needs some help with daily life.

She Suddenly Doesn’t Want to Leave the House

If your elderly family member is already fairly introverted, leaving the house might be a rarity for her. But if you’re noticing that she never wants to go anywhere anymore, there might be a problem. She might find it difficult to get ready or she may simply feel uncomfortable with mobility issues or other changes she’s experiencing.

She’s Looking Different

Has your senior’s appearance changed? If you can’t quite put your finger on how but you’re noticing that she’s looking different, that could be because she’s making concessions because hygiene is getting more difficult. Having help from senior home care professionals might be exactly what she needs in order to keep up with personal care tasks.

She’s Missing Appointments

Whether it’s because she’s forgetting about them or because it’s difficult to get to them, missing appointments is a big red flag for your senior. If those appointments are with her doctors, it’s an even bigger issue for her to be missing them. Finding solutions is essential, so you and your senior need to talk about what’s happening. It’s possible that having home care providers remind her when she has appointments is what she needs.

You’re Worried about Her Driving

If your aging family member’s driving has gotten a bit scary, it might be time for her to hang up the keys. But that can feel impossible to her if you and she haven’t worked out a solution in advance. Home care providers can take over the task of driving for her, which ensures that your senior doesn’t feel trapped but is still not driving herself in an unsafe manner.

Her Life Has Become More Complicated

In general, your aging family member’s life might be getting more complicated than she expects and in a lot of different ways. Mobility issues, health changes, and more can all contribute to that situation for her. What helps the most is for her to know that she has got assistance to rely on each day as she needs it.

For some people, it’s not easy at all to have or to need assistance. If that’s how your elderly family member feels, you may need to give her some time to adjust to her new normal.


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