Seniors Staying Fit With Diabetes

November 30, 2021

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People who have diabetes should be exercising and maintaining a healthy exercise routine. Personal care at home can help a senior stay on track and create healthy habits. Many seniors who are diagnosed with diabetes feel like they should give up, or it doesn't matter. The truth is even seniors with diabetes should focus on diet and exercise habits; both of these are things that personal care at home can help with.  


Every caregiver will come up with a care plan for seniors. They are the best companions who can turn into great friends, but they can also help seniors manage their homes and lifestyles to stay healthier. If a senior wants to age in place, follow the doctor's orders, and create healthy habits, they should find personal care at home to help.   


Exercise helps a person with type two diabetes decrease the risk of heart disease by maintaining a healthy weight. When a senior gets regular exercise, they help control blood sugar and blood flow. Even a senior with type one diabetes can exercise, but the blood sugar should be monitored closely because exercise can increase hypoglycemia. However, no matter what type of diabetes you have, you should always check blood sugar levels before working out.  

When To Work Out When a Senior Has Diabetes 

Above all if a doctor gives the okay to work out they will let a senior know when the best times to do so. Personal care at home can help create a care plan that involves encouraging seniors to check blood sugars, eat, then work out. The diet needs will depend on the medication a senior is on and what their blood sugar is at. Personal care at home will not touch the medication or help a senior check their levels but they can be a friendly reminder for the senior. Here are some general guidelines to when you should work out.  

Less Than 100 mg/dl 

If a senior is taking medication that increases insulin levels, they should eat a high carb snack before working out. Cheese and crackers can be a great snack to eat before workout or exercise routine. After eating this small snack a senior can recheck their blood sugar to ensure they are okay to work out.  

Between 100 and 250 mg/dL 

To start exercising or a routine, this is a good range to be in. Anything lower than 100 should be avoided when working out.  

250 to 300 mg/dL 

Although many people rant and rave about ketosis and weight loss it actually is not good for people with diabetes. This range could mean that the senior’s body is entering ketosis and will not use the insulin properly. For people with type one diabetes they need to wait to exercise until their blood sugar has decreased.  

300 Or Higher mg/dL 

For people with type one diabetes this can lead them to be in ketosis very easily. For people who are insulin deficient this can become worse with exercise. Seniors with type two diabetes will rarely have insulin deficiency and can be okay to work out as long as they are feeling okay.  

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