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Reasons for Elderly People to Be Excited About Their Age

July 12, 2021

Elderly Care San Mateo, CA: Seniors and Aging

Have you noticed that your elderly loved one seems to be sad most of the time? Maybe they have even commented on the fact that they are upset about getting older. Many people experience these thoughts and feelings after they retire. Some elderly people start feeling like their life just passed them by. If your elderly loved one is struggling with these feelings and thoughts, it might be helpful for you to talk to them about reasons to be excited about getting older.  

Elderly Age and Wisdom 

It may be helpful to remind your elderly loved one that older age means more wisdom. They have been through so many different experiences and challenges in life. They have made it through numerous ups and downs. These are experiences and life lessons they can share with younger adults and even with their grandchildren. Your elderly loved one can even share their stories, life lessons, and experiences with their elderly care providers. Elderly people should be proud of all they have gone through and learned throughout the years.  


Since your elderly loved one has been through so much in life, they have a lot to reminisce about. It might be a good idea for you or an elderly care provider to take your loved one to a friend’s or family member’s house. This should be done often, so your elderly loved one can talk about memories. Reminiscing on the past can keep your elderly loved one’s memory intact. It can also allow your elderly loved one to remember all the good times in life and to know they still have many fun and loving memories to come, as well.  

Spending Time with Grandchildren 

Now that your elderly loved one is getting older, they may get to spend time with their grandchildren. This means they can share stories and make memories with the younger generations. They can spoil and bond with their grandchildren. Many children need their grandparents. They look up to them. There are so many things that children are doing nowadays that elderly people never got to do. The grandchildren may have a thing or two to teach their grandparents, as well.  


Is your elderly loved one having a difficult time getting older? If so, you and their elderly care providers can help them to get more excited about being older. There are many reasons to appreciate and enjoy about the elderly years. Make sure you remind your elderly loved one about these things. 

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