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How Elder Care Changes Your Dad's Life

January 25, 2023
Source: How Elder Care Changes Your Dad's Life

Elder Care San Mateo, CA: Elder Care Options

While your dad's goal has always been to stay in his current home, it's getting harder. You're worried as you live in another state and cannot check on him in person. You have to rely on phone calls, which doesn't always give a clear picture. Have you considered elder care services?

Home care services can change your dad's life. While designed to help him maintain his independence, elder care ends up helping with so much more.

He Has Someone to Talk To

When your dad's caregiver stops by, he has someone to talk to. He's able to hold a conversation with someone new. If he wants to teach his caregiver how to play Cribbage, he can. If he wants the caregiver there to join him while he watches a movie, that's something else his caregiver can do for him.

He Doesn't Have to Shop Alone

Your dad hates going shopping. He struggles to read the price labels, and he's supposed to avoid excess sodium, but he cannot read the fine print on a nutritional label. When it comes time to use his card and pay, he always finds it difficult to read the small display.

He can have a caregiver with him on shopping trips. His caregiver helps him choose the right items and complete the transaction.

He's Not Stuck at Home

Your dad's eye doctor told him to stop driving. That's been difficult as your dad likes to go out and not feel confined at home. With an elder care aide available throughout the week, your dad has someone to drive him to local senior centers, community centers, businesses, and stores.

On appointment days, his caregiver can take him and wait in the waiting room until he's done. If he simply wants to go to the local park for a walk, his caregiver can accompany him for that outing, too.

If he wants to walk around his neighborhood and not even go anywhere in a car, his aide can join him on walks. He may just want to walk around his yard. That's also possible.

He Feels Appreciated

Your dad's caregiver is there to help him out. He'll constantly be sharing input, and his caregiver will adjust techniques to make him feel comfortable. This simple step can make your dad feel like he's appreciated and valued.

He Eats Well

With a caregiver around each week, your dad has someone to prepare home-cooked meals. He shares what he likes to eat with his caregiver. They'll work on a shopping list together and can even go pick up items as a team. 

When it's time for breakfast, lunch,  or dinner, your dad's caregiver prepares everything and brings it to the table for him.  While he eats, his caregiver is there to chat with him if he wants. Otherwise, his caregiver can go clean the kitchen while he eats. When it's time for a meal, your dad's caregiver makes it. 

See for yourself how much elder care can change your dad's life. If he's become accustomed to staying home all week and being isolated or struggling to remember everything he needs to do, elder care is essential.

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