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How Can You Tell if Your Senior Needs Companion Care at Home?

June 22, 2022

Companion Care at Home San Mateo, CA: Care at Home

Social isolation and other emotional changes can be difficult for your elderly family member to navigate on her own. These challenges can leave her shutting down and withdrawing so that she no longer has to deal with them openly. But these are situations in which having companion care at home can make a big difference for your elderly family member.

She’s Following Different Routines than Usual, to Negative Results

Routines can support your elderly family member’s goals and desires for living her best life, but when those routines are made up of bad habits the results are often negative. Staying up too late, napping a lot during the day, and skipping nutritious meals in favor of empty calories doesn’t support your senior’s best life. If you’re noticing some of these changes, she may need some additional help from elder care providers.

She’s Not Driving as Much as She Did Before

If you’re also noticing that your elderly family member isn’t driving as often as she did before, she may be having a more difficult time getting the social interaction she needs. There can be a lot of different reasons that your aging family member is avoiding driving, ranging from physical issues to cognitive changes she’s experiencing. Having caregivers drive for her can ensure that your senior is still getting places when she needs to be there and can boost her socialization.

She’s Declining Invitations to Spend Time with People She Loves

Your elderly family member might also be declining to spend time with people she loves nearby who want to come see her. The reasons for this can vary as well. Sometimes it’s because she’s having more difficulty with daily activities, other times she may be feeling anxious or depressed. Companion care at home can help your senior to remember how it feels to have people around.

Her Appearance or Moods Seem to Be Changing

When your senior’s habits around her appearance start to change or you notice mood shifts that are unusual for her, it’s important to understand what might be going on. If she’s been isolating herself, these changes can all stem from that decision. Companion care at home can be a great way to break through those walls your senior might have built emotionally.

She’s Showing Other Signs that She’s Undergoing Changes

There could be other signs that life in your senior’s world is changing. Staying alert for things like unexpected weight loss, worsening health, and finding it to be more difficult to reach her when you contact her can all be signs that she’s having some trouble emotionally. Finding out what is going on and coming up with a solution that works for her is crucial.

Talk to your aging family member about what she’s experiencing. If her issues are related to health issues, talking to her doctor is a great way to find the right answers for those concerns. And if the problems are due to social isolation, having caregivers visiting her can do a lot to help reduce those contributing factors.

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