Five Tips to Keep Your Senior’s Skin Hydrated in Winter Weather

January 6, 2022

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Winter weather can take a toll on skin, and that’s even more true for your senior. If she’s taking medications that make her skin dry as well, she may need to take more than a few steps to protect her skin. 

Avoid Super-hot Showers and Baths 

Really hot baths and showers might sound great during cold weather, but if the water is too hot it can actually pull moisture out of your senior’s skin. That can leave her feeling itchy and uncomfortable later. Slightly cooler baths and showers protect her skin and can still feel great. If your elderly family member needs help bathing, caregivers can make sure she’s using water that’s the right temperature for her. 

Drink Lots of Water 

Drinking plenty of water is always important, but it’s something that is easier to overlook in colder weather. Finding other ways to get water into your senior, like with hot herbal teas or even warm lemon water, can be really helpful. Experiment to find what she enjoys the most. 

Consider a Humidifier 

Another way to help your senior’s skin stay hydrated in winter is to use a humidifier. Heaters, fireplaces, and central heating all take a toll on humidity. That can be more comfortable for breathing, but it can mean that skin feels drier and itchier. Running a humidifier for a few hours a day can really help. 

Eat Plenty of Healthy Foods 

So many health concerns go back to your senior’s diet, and so too does skin health. If she’s already eating a balanced diet full of plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables, that’s going to do a lot for her skin health. Focus on making sure that she’s getting the nutrients that she needs and look for ways to make meals easier. Elder care providers doing the cooking can be a huge help, for instance. 

Use a Light Moisturizer Daily 

Moisturizers that aren’t too heavy help to lock moisture into your senior’s skin without making her skin feel sticky or uncomfortable. The best time to apply moisturizers is after a bath or shower, but she may want to use hand cream in between if her hands get especially dry. Lotions and light moisturizers help to protect against low humidity that can be irritating in winter. 

Elder care providers can help your senior to notice other ways that her skin can stay hydrated, too. They’re able to offer assistance as well, especially with tasks that are sapping your senior’s enjoyment of life. 


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