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Facing Holiday Depression

December 13, 2022

Elder Care Aptos, CA: Holiday Depression

The holidays are a time to reflect on the past year and make plans for the future. When loved ones die away or move away, happy memories might take on a somber tone. Seniors may have once been very happy during this time but if they have recently lost someone, holiday depression can be really challenging to battle alone. Take the time this holiday season to be with your mom or dad, or hire elder care to help watch them during this time. Having some form of companionship may make this season easier for your senior, and they may feel less alone. Here are some things you can do to help your senior face holiday depression.

Talk About Their Feelings Openly

If a senior clams up, it may be good for you to try talking to them without judging their feelings. Everyone, including your senior, has feelings. Expressing sadness can help give your seniors the relief that they need. Maybe they want to try to be happy or pretend, but bottling up those negative or hurt feelings won’t help them feel more happy in the long run. Sit down with them and truly talk about what they’re feeling and find out if there is anything you or elder care can help them with to make this year better. Sometimes sadness can come in waves, and in between are brief periods of happiness. All of these emotions are okay. 

Encourage Them to Reach Out to Someone

Even with someone like elder care, having a family friend to turn to maybe what a senior needs to feel less sad. Having some type of connection and socialization during this time can help them face the holiday sadness and help them feel the happiness they once used to. Connecting with others can help relieve some depression, anxiety, and sadness. This is something that should never be overlooked when taking care of a senior relative. 

Pamper Them This Holiday Season

If your senior mom is alone, chances are she’s not thinking about herself. It’s time to set a day aside and do something for your senior mom or dad that will distract them and bring some happiness to their life. Whether you pamper them by cleaning their home or by taking them to a spa day, create a day that is focused on them and what makes them happy. This can still be a time of renewal and joy. 

Focus on Mental Health

If your senior needs someone besides family to talk to, they may need to turn to a mental health professional. Encourage them to talk to a counselor or therapist during the holiday season. They may gain new insight into why they can’t beat the holiday blues or find it relieving to talk to someone outside of the family who has a new perspective. 

If this is the first year they do not have a partner during Christmas, there may be events hosted just for them. They may be able to find groups of individuals going through the same thing, getting together to feel less alone, or even church services like “Blue Christmas,” where they focus on a service that acknowledges the loss and pain of losing someone during this time. There are ways to help your senior face holiday depression, but you may have to get creative.

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