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Eating Healthy This Christmas

November 30, 2022

Home Care Palo Alto, CA: Holiday Eating

This is the time of year people love to get together and eat! It's natural that a lot of the holiday season is spent in the kitchen, and that is especially true when you invite your senior to your home's festivities. Your seniors may have their favorite recipes they can share with you. However, keep in mind that as a person gets older, they may have stricter diets to follow or need to eat foods that help with gut health. If this is something you are unsure about, that's okay; there are tons of recipes for Christmas that focus on gut health. 

Due to a lack of dietary variety, the microbiome may take a toll on the body if the host diet consists of fatty foods, processed meats like Christmas pigs in blankets, or too much sweets. Similar effects may be produced by consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. All of these foods can be bad for seniors, so making healthier choices is crucial. Here are some options for your family to think about. 

Start The Day With a Smoothie

Not all seniors like eating, and they may have difficulty doing so. If your senior struggles with chewing, there are still easy-to-eat or drink foods! Try a pumpkin smoothie and add some extra protein and fiber to the mix. This is an excellent idea for seniors who want to have something sweet but healthy too. 

Vegetable Quiche

If a senior can get to the store or have home care pick up some vegetables, they can grab zucchini and carrots to make a spiral veggie quiche. This simple recipe is also healthy, filled with protein and tons of vitamins necessary to keep a healthy gut. A quiche is super easy to eat, and it tastes like fall and winter on a plate. This dish can also feed many people with only a few ingredients. This will only take a few minutes to whip together, and then all you need to do is bake it until the eggs become golden, and the vegetables are soft enough to eat.

Roast Turkey for Dinner

Finding something small but healthy is important if it's just you and your senior or even just home care with a senior. Find yourself a small turkey and create a turkey roll with cranberry stuffing. This is a delicious meal filled with protein, and it will stay moist because of the cranberry in the middle. It's a sweet tang that pairs so well with the turkey!

Lemon and Thyme Roast Chicken

A chicken is a perfect option when you need something smaller than a turkey. You can make a chicken super moist and delicious with a small bit of lemon and thyme. This is a dish that smells like Christmas, is easy to cook, and is easy to eat for seniors. Stick this in the oven and cook it to temperature. It will also make enough for seniors to have leftovers and be easy on their gut. 

Thyme and Parsnips

If you're looking for a nice root vegetable, parsnips are perfect! They can be tossed with butter and thyme and thrown into the oven to bake for a few minutes. It's the perfect side that won't upset any seniors' stomachs.

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