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Are You Overlooking Respite Care?

June 15, 2021

Home Care San Jose, CA: Respite Care

It’s very common for family caregivers to avoid respite care, thinking that it’s not for them or for their senior. But the reality is that home care providers taking over for you when you need them to do so can solve so many issues that come up in caregiving. Learning more about what you might be missing by avoiding respite care can help you to understand why you might want to change your mind. 

Social Interaction for Your Senior 

It’s healthy for your elderly family member to have other people to interact with now and again. When you take advantage of home care services, your aging family member is able to spend time with home care providers. These are people who care about her safety and who are genuinely interested in how she’s doing and in keeping her company. 

Time for You to Recharge 

As a family caregiver, you absolutely need time to recharge your own internal batteries. When you don’t do that, you’re constantly running at a deficit. That’s not sustainable for you and it means that you’re more likely to wear yourself out when your senior needs you the most. You absolutely need to be able to take time away from caregiving to do things just for you. 

Time for You to Handle Other Obligations 

Unfortunately, most family caregivers don’t have nearly as much time to unwind as they need or want. That’s probably the case for you as well. Another big benefit of respite care is that you’re able to take care of other obligations, whether that’s work, children, or even other people that you care for on a regular basis. You may not be able to literally be in two places at once, but it might feel like it to an extent.  

Comfort that Your Senior Is in Good Hands 

The peace of mind from knowing that your elderly family member is in good hands with home care providers is priceless. It can be so difficult for a family caregiver to be able to leave, even for a little while, leaving their senior with someone else. When your elderly family member is with home care providers that you trust, you’re able to concentrate on something besides caregiving for a time. 

Respite care can be a regular part of your care plan for your aging family member. That gives you both a chance to get the benefits that you need from this important service. 


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