4 Easy Shape Up Tips For Seniors

December 30, 2021

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January is National Shape Up Month and starting out the new year with a commitment to get in shape is one of the best things that seniors can do. Being overweight make seniors more likely to develop serious health problems like diabetes or heart disease. But seniors who haven’t been very active or are just starting out on their journey to get in shape need to make sure that they take it easy at first. Doing too much exercise too quickly will cause injuries and can make seniors want to quit before they start to get the benefits of exercising. These tips will help seniors who want to shape up in the new year get started safely: 

Talk To The Doctor 

Before seniors start any shape up plan they should get a physical and talk to their doctor. It’s very important that the doctor gives them the clearance to start exercising. The doctor may even suggest some exercises that would be good for your senior loved ones to start with. If possible it’s a good idea for you or a home care assistance provider to go to the appointment with your loved one so that you can record or write down what the doctor says. That way you and your senior loved ones will have a record of the doctor’s recommendations for how much exercise your senior loved ones should start with.  

Choose Some Activities That Look Fun 

Getting in shape should be fun, not a chore. Your senior loved ones should pick some activities that are appropriate for their fitness level that look like fun and then try a class or find a group that does that activity so they can give it a try. Some of the best shape up activities for seniors are activities like walking, cycling, swimming, golf, tai chi, and yoga.  

Start Slow 

When seniors first start their shape up program, they need to start slowly in order to avoid injury. For example, if your senior loved one wants to starts walking to shape up, they should plan on taking a short 15–20-minute walk two or three times a week to start out. Then after a few weeks of that they can go to every other day. And then a few wees after that they can try taking a walk every day. It’s very important that senior's pace themselves when it comes to starting physical activity. 

Find Some Friends To Exercise With 

Having friends that are also getting in shape is the best way to approach a shape up regimen. Working out with others will keep your senior loved ones accountable and inspire them to keep doing even on the tough days. If there are no seniors nearby who are able to go for walks or exercise with your senior loved ones a home care assistance provider can be the perfect accountability buddy and shape up pal. They can also help track your senior loved one’s progress right from the start.  

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