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Seniors Who Struggle with Driving Safely

February 26, 2019

  • Has your aging relative recently gotten in another car accident?
  • Are you nervous for your safety when you ride with them?
  • Have they experienced serious physical or mental health challenges recently?
  • Do you wonder whether it’s time for them to stop driving themselves around?

If these questions are all too familiar, you are likely dealing with a situation where your instincts are telling you that your aging loved one has reached a point where they are no longer safe on the road. Many elderly adults reach the point where their physical or cognitive decline affects their ability to drive. The result is that family caregivers have to make the hard decision of taking steps to prevent driving.

Elder Care in Los Gatos CA: Driving Safety

Driving Dangers and Warning Signs for Seniors.

Statistics show that the older a person is after age 60, the more likely they are to get in a car accident. While there’s no upper age limit where seniors have to stop driving, assessments based on ability are usually the determining factor of when elderly adults must rely on others for transportation. Often, family caregivers will notice issues such as fender benders, near misses, collisions with parked objects, and erratic vehicle operation.

Family members need to have examples of why they feel their loved one should not be driving any longer. One thing to look for is whether the senior is experiencing physical challenges, such as poor vision or hearing, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, a bad back, or seizures. Sometimes the effects of old age are enough, with reduced strength and stamina in general.

Transportation Solutions.

It’s one thing to stop an elderly relative from driving, but it’s another to resolve how they will now get around to necessary appointments and errands. One solution is to hire elder care providers to drive. Elder care providers are professional assistants who are trained in helping elderly adults with daily tasks they can no longer do themselves. In addition to driving and errands, elder care providers can also help with housework and laundry as well as cooking dinner and reminding elderly adults to take their medicine. With an elder care provider behind the wheel, elderly adults are no longer dangerous on the road.

Family caregivers can work with the elder care provider on a set schedule that includes the aging adult’s needs. Many families find success in setting up a weekly schedule that outlines where the senior needs to go and when. Then, the elder care provider is able to do the driving as needed. It’s hard to give up the freedom of driving, but seniors who are no longer qualified to drive should turn to family members and elder care providers in order to keep themselves and everyone else as safe as possible on the road.

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