Making Sure Your Parent Can Enjoy Family Exercise and Activities Together Safely

June 6, 2018

When you're planning family exercise and activities, safety should be a top priority. Exercising together is a wonderful way to encourage everybody in your family to get more physical activity, and to bond the generations of the family. Especially during the summer months, however, exercising together and enjoying activities can pose a variety of dangers. Planning ahead allows you to take the proper steps to preserve your parent's safety and encourage them to participate in the activities as much as is right for them.Caregiver in San Jose CA: Enjoying Exercise and Activities Safely Caregiver in San Jose CA: Enjoying Exercise and Activities SafelyUse these tips to help ensure your parent can enjoy family exercise and activities together safely:
  • Make sure they dress appropriately. Staying cool is going to be one of the most important elements of being safe during these activities. Help your parents choose clothing that is loose fitting and comfortable. Covering as much exposed skin as possible, and wearing tightly woven fabric helps to reduce heat. Dressing appropriately can also help your parent to move more comfortably and confidently, which further reduces the risk of danger.
  • Set rules and guidelines ahead of time. Especially if you have young children who may get excited about your new surroundings and activities, make sure you review rules and safety guidelines in advance. This can include staying together, not running ahead, and paying close attention to each other.
  • Be vigilant of your surroundings. Especially if you are going to a new location for your family exercise or activities, take a few moments when you first arrive to evaluate the area and identify any potential dangers. This can include tripping hazards, slipping hazards, standing water, unsafe buildings or structures, or others. Point potential dangers out to the rest of the family and determine ways to avoid them, or if you should move on to another area
  • Consider wearable GPS. Both for an elderly adult who may be experiencing cognitive functioning decline, and for children, wearable GPS can be extremely beneficial in keeping your family safe. With these devices, you can track the location and movements of your family members. This helps to keep you connected, and makes it easier to find a member of the family that might get lost.
  • Modify activities or exercise so your parents can participate safely and comfortably. This means evaluating their physical ability and challenges, and adapting the exercise or activity so it is more accessible and safer for them.
  Bringing along a home care provider when you are enjoying family exercise and activities together can be instrumental in keeping your parent safer, and helping them to enjoy participating more. Having their home care provider with you means your senior can maintain as consistent a care routine as possible, receive support and assistance throughout the activity, and also know you are able to focus on your children and the event.  Your parent's needs and challenges don't disappear when they head out for activities or exercise. In fact, many will experience an increase in needs and challenges. It is extremely important that these needs and challenges are met effectively so your parent can stay safe, and be more excited and willing to participate in such activities more frequently.

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