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4 Reasons Why Seniors Still Need Landline Phones

July 28, 2021

Caregiver Menlo Park, CA: Landline Phones and Seniors

If you asked most people if they still have a landline phone they would probably say no. Landline phone service has gone the way of the dinosaur for most people. Cell phones are faster, portable, and just a part of modern life. But seniors can still benefit from having landline phone service. Many seniors struggle to use cell phones, even smart phones. And cell phones often aren’t designed for seniors who have vision impairments or can’t hold a smart phone for long because of pain or weakness in their hands. Caregivers can help seniors make Facetime calls or use Zoom which can help them stay connected to their families. But there are still a few reasons why seniors need a landline: 

Landlines Work Even If The Power Is Out 

As the weather becomes more extreme it raises the chances that the power will go out. A senior living at home alone or with just caregivers coming in a few days a week can’t depend on a cell phone if the power goes out. They need a landline. A Landline will work even when there’s no power so seniors will always be able to get help if they need it. If a storm knocks out power for days a cell phone would die and a senior wouldn’t be able to charge it so they would have no way to call caregivers or call for medical help.  

Landlines Don’t Run Out Of Battery Life 

How many times have you needed your phone only to realize that it didn’t have enough battery left to make a call or check your email? Cell phones don’t last very long without recharging, especially as they get older. Seniors may not remember to charge their phones which means they’d have no phone once the phone battery died. Landlines don’t have to be charged and are always on so seniors are always able to make calls if they need to.  

Old Fashioned Phones Are Easier For Seniors To Use 

Touch screen smart phones were game changes for most people, but seniors still may not be able to use them. Seniors with arthritis or tremors in their hands can’t use a touch screen. An older cordless phone with large buttons or even an old fashioned rotary phone are easier for seniors to dial than modern smart phones.  

Landlines are More Reliable  

During bad weather or problems with cell phone towers it can be very difficult to get reception on a cell phone. Some don’t work very well indoors. Others don’t work very well at all no matter where they are. And the reception that you get can also depend on what company you have cellular service through and your proximity to cell phone towers. To avoid problems getting service it’s just more efficient for seniors to have a landline phone that is always working. Seniors won’t have to worry about being able to make calls when they have a traditional landline. It will give them and you piece of mind.  


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