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What Happens When You Tell Your Senior She Can’t Drive?

December 15, 2021

24-Hour Home Care in Redwood City, CA: Seniors and Driving

You might have some very solid reasons to talk to your aging family member about no longer driving. But if you approach things from the wrong angle, it’s highly likely that her response is not going to be one that you want to see.  

She Might Ignore You 

Very often if your aging family member doesn’t want to stop driving, she probably won’t. Just because you’ve told her not to drive, that doesn’t mean that she’ll abide by that decision. There can be a great many ways that she tries to find workarounds that keep her in the driver’s seat, with or without your blessing and sometimes without your knowledge. That’s really unsafe for everyone concerned. 

She May Choose to Self-isolate 

She may also decide to never go anywhere or do anything. Imposing self-isolation can mean that she withdraws from everything and everyone that she loves, and that’s not any good. Keeping her from driving is about keeping her safe, but if your approach is off, she may not get that message from you. Isolation leads to serious health issues, both physical and emotional. 

She Might Become Frustrated at Your Decision 

It’s also possible that your decision to keep her from driving can frustrate, irritate, and hurt your senior. Giving up something that has likely been a big part of her life can be incredibly difficult and upsetting. To know that you don’t trust her to drive safely anymore can just make it all worse. 

You Need to Approach the Topic Properly 

Your approach matters a lot in this situation. Your aging family member needs to have other options for transportation before she stops driving, like having 24-hour home care providers doing the driving for her. Home care providers can safely get her where she needs to go and they can help her in other ways, too. Keeping your senior safe and happy is all part of being her family caregiver, and that means making sure she has options. 24-hour home care providers offer your senior companionship and so much more besides. 

Most people don’t respond well to being told what to do, and that probably includes your elderly family member. So don’t be surprised if some of these situations are how she responds when you tell her to stop driving. It’s a much better idea to give her options and to talk to her reasonably about being as safe as possible. 


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