Elder Care Tips for Seniors to Stay Hydrated in the Heat

July 22, 2023

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Summers are getting hotter. That additional heat and humidity can take a big toll on seniors. Seniors already have a tendency to be mildly dehydrated most of the time. When the temperatures rise seniors sweat more, which causes them to lose even more fluids. That’s why it’s extremely important for seniors to do more to stay hydrated during the summer. Not drinking enough water can cause serious heat-related illnesses like heat stroke. 

But there are lots of ways to get seniors to drink more water and stay hydrated when it’s hot outside. Elder care providers that take care of seniors can prepare fun drinks and encourage seniors to try refreshing concoctions like fruit-infused iced tea. Seniors should have elder care in the summer and throughout the year to help them stay healthy. Other things that seniors can do to be happy and hydrated all summer are:

Make Popsicles

Making popsicles is easy and fun. Seniors can make cold refreshing popsicles from their favorite fruit juices and fruit. The only equipment needed is a popsicle mold set from any big box store. Fill the mold with fruit juice. Or a combination of fruit juices. Add in some cut up fruit for texture. Freeze them. And enjoy. Seniors will love getting the hydration they need from delicious refreshing fruit pops. 

Get Fancy

Summer is the perfect time for seniors to try some fancy beverages. An infusion pitcher is a great gadget for seniors to have because it makes drinking water fun. Adding cut up fruit, cucumber slices, mint, or other additives to the pitcher and then filling it with water creates delicious flavored water. Add some culinary lavender to lemonade for a very interesting drink. Or make some mocktails to drink throughout the afternoon and evening. 

Make Plenty Of Punch

Punch isn’t just for picnics. Punch is the perfect summertime drink. Everyone loves punch.  And it’s a lot easier to make than people think. An elder care provider can make a big bowl of punch in the morning for a senior to enjoy all afternoon. Sparkling water, sugar-free ginger ale, fruit, and other ingredients will make a delicious hydrating beverage for seniors to enjoy. It keeps well in a water bottle too. 

Enjoy Watermelon

Watermelon is one of the best summer treats. And it’s chock full of water. Watermelon juice can be added to summer smoothies for flavor and extra hydration. Just snacking on cut up watermelon is a great way for seniors to hydrate. Add some fresh mint to cut up watermelon for a bright and refreshing snack or dessert. 

Try A Favorite Tea Iced 

Seniors can also enjoy their favorite herbal tea over ice instead of hot. Some seniors really don’t like plain water. Drinking herbal tea adds some light herbal flavor without being overpowering. Herbal teas are delicious over ice with a little sugar or honey. Get creative with summer drinks to stay happy and hydrated all summer!

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