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Determining the Best Senior Care Option When Cost Is a Factor

March 25, 2021

Senior Care San Jose, CA: Senior Care Tips

No matter the economy, cost is a concern for many services and products people buy regularly. It doesn’t just have to be items you pick up from the grocery store, the price of gas, or even a hotel and your vacation destination that may concern you when it comes to cost. Senior care may also be something you worry about, at least when cost is a factor. 

There are many different types of senior care and it’s important to understand not only why each one could be beneficial for you or a senior in your life, but how much it could cost. 

Keep in mind, there is a wide range of cost factors with different types of senior care. Some you can’t control very much. Others provide flexibility to some degree. 

Let’s look at the three most common types of senior care and figure out how to make it more affordable when cost is a concern. 


Assisted living. 

There are different levels of assisted living. You could find one that is incredibly luxurious, but is that going to be cost beneficial? It might not. You may also find a different type of facility that is more affordable, but it could still be more than you or the senior is willing or able to afford at this stage in their life. 

Choosing a single room over sharing a room could affect the cost of assisted living as well. 


Nursing home care. 

Did you know the average cost of full-time nursing home care for a year in Alaska is over $300,000? That is certainly cost prohibitive for most people. 

Nursing homes are also considered a last resort for many people, but maybe necessary for those who need direct medical assistance and monitoring on a regular, almost around-the-clock basis. 


Home care. 

The average cost of home care in the United States is about $45,000 for full-time care. That would mean 40 hours a week, on average. 

That may seem beyond the scope a possibility for the elderly person in your life right now, too. However, keep in mind not all seniors require full-time care. Your elderly mother or father or whoever this aging senior is in your family might only need a couple of hours of help a few times a week. 

That would be far more affordable than 40 hours, right? So, what is the best senior care option when you are concerned about the cost? Sit down and discuss the different options with the elderly person who needs this level of care. 


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