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Why Should You Consider a Cat for Your Dad?

March 10, 2020

Home Care Redwood City, CA: Seniors and Pets

Now that he lives alone, your dad has been talking about getting a pet. It's not a bad idea. Pets have been found to help boost emotional health, lower blood pressure, and provide companionship. A dog might be too much for him, but how about a cat? 
Cats are a great pet for older adults who are aging at home. Here are the key reasons a cat may be the best option when your dad wants a pet. 
Cats Are Relatively Independent 
Cats like attention, but they can also be independent. If your dad has to go out for a few hours, he won't need to rush back to let his cat out. Cats have a litter box and don't need the trips outside that dogs do require. 
When your dad is busy, a cat will go curl up and sleep. It's not as likely to be demanding to go for a walk or take a bathroom break outside. As a result, he may find a cat fits into his lifestyle better than a dog. 
Cats Don't Need Too Much Care 
Dogs tend to need more care than a cat does. This will depend on the type of cat. A long-haired cat like a Maine Coon will need more brushing than a short-haired cat. Baths aren't typically a part of the care needs of a cat, however. 
A cat will need food and water, a little play, and some time being brushed. Those are daily chores. A litter box should be cleaned daily. If your dad misses a day, it's not a big deal. There are self-cleaning litter boxes that will do most of the work for your dad. 
With corrugated cardboard scratch pads or a wooden cat tree, nail trimmings may not be necessary. If your dad's cat doesn't tend to scratch those pads or cat tree, the nails should be trimmed each month. 
Cats Love Attention 
Cats do love attention. Your dad will find his cat wants to sit with him when he's reading a book or watching TV. Your dad will have a buddy by his side or in his lap who purrs with happiness when petted or brushed. 
Cats Keep Rodents Away 
In older homes, mice can find it very easy to get inside. Mice can bring in diseases and cause damage to wiring, food supplies, and household items. A cat will keep the mice away. 
An Alternative to a Pet 
If companionship is the reason your dad wants a pet, you could look into companionship services from a home care agency. Your dad has caregivers stopping by during the week for chats, to play games, and to help him with household chores. A senior care representative can help you understand prices and the full range of services. Call now. 


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