Foot Care Tips for Diabetic Seniors

March 22, 2024

If your senior parent has diabetes it’s very important that they take good care of their feet. If seniors with diabetes don’t practice good foot care they could get infections, sores, or ulcers on their feet. In extreme cases, seniors may even need to have amputations if their diabetes is severe or they don’t take proper care of their feet.

For seniors living alone at home foot care can be physically difficult if not impossible. Seniors are often not flexible enough to bend down to inspect their feet. They may need help with tasks like cutting their toenails, washing their feet, or moisturizing their feet.

If it’s physically difficult for your senior parent to inspect their feet daily and they aren’t showering or bathing daily that raises the risk of them developing foot problems related to diabetes. 

Personal care at home can help. With personal care at home, seniors have a reliable caregiver who will inspect their feet for any signs of sores, cuts, ulcers, or other problems that need medical attention. A caregiver can also help your senior parent wash and moisturize their feet, make sure they have on clean dry socks every day, and check for signs of swelling. 

Doctors also recommend that seniors with diabetes use these tips for foot care:

Get A Medical Pedicure

Medical pedicures are strongly recommended for seniors with diabetes. These pedicures include nail trimming, a medicated spa soak, and other medicinal treatments that will help seniors with diabetes maintain good foot circulation and skin health on their feet. Medical pedicures are done at a medical spa by appointment. A personal care at home provider can take your senior parent to a spa appointment if you can’t because of work or other responsibilities. 

Wear Diabetic Socks

Socks made for people with diabetes are very comfortable for seniors. They have extra cushioning to protect the feet. They’re usually made from cotton, so they allow for air circulation and keep moisture away from the feet.

 And they are loose in the ankle. They don’t have elastic, so they won’t pinch or cause swelling. Any big box store should have diabetic-friendly socks in sizes for both men and women. 

Get New Shoes Often

Most seniors don’t replace their shoes often enough. Shoes break down and get worn based on foot patterns and weight distribution. When shoes are worn down they don’t provide enough cushion or support. If it’s been a long time since your senior parent had new shoes now is a great time to get them some new supportive footwear. 

Use A Diabetic-Specific Moisturizer

It’s important for seniors to moisturize their feet daily. But it’s also important that they use the right moisturizer. Seniors should use a thick moisturizer made for diabetic people on their feet. Using a diabetic-friendly moisturizer will help keep your senior parent’s feet from drying and cracking, which can let in bacteria that cause an infection.

If your senior parent has very dry feet and daily moisturizing isn’t doing enough to keep them soft your senior parent can try putting on clean cotton socks after moisturizing their feet to keep the moisturizer on their feet longer. 

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