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May 25th is National Senior Health and Fitness Day

May 25, 2016

Senior Care in San Jose CA

  All across the United States, May 25th is recognized as National Senior Health and Fitness Day.  This special holiday, now in its 22nd year, is designed to engage seniors and encourage their Senior-Care-in-San-Jose-CAparticipation in senior health and fitness events that will be taking place all across the country.  Read on for some great reasons why you should encourage your senior loved one to participate in a local National Senior Health and Fitness Day event this year:  It’s Fun!Many organizations such as health clubs, retirement communities, hospitals, parks, and more will be organizing activities for National Senior Health and Fitness Day.  These events are designed to be educational, healthy, and, most of all, fun!  At these events, seniors will be introduced to new activities and experiences that they may have never tried before.  Your loved one just may even find a new hobby or favorite physical activity.  It’s a Social ActivityAt National Senior Health and Fitness Day events, your senior loved one can enjoy the social aspect of the day by meeting and talking with others who are also participating.  Your senior loved one may also enjoy attending the event with a group of friends or family members.  Remember, exercising will be easier for your loved one if they have a support system, so encourage them to get out and meet others with similar fitness goals.  They May Learn Something NewNational Senior Health and Fitness Day events can be as educational as they are enjoyable.  Many organizations will host activities that teach seniors about healthy eating and simple ways to get more nutrients in their diet.  In addition, other topics of interest that your senior may learn about are the benefits of resistance exercise, how to stretch, and how to modify an exercise routine to make it safer and more comfortable.  It is the Perfect Way to Get Back in to ExercisingIf your loved one has a hard time finding the motivation to exercise or participate in physical activities, a large fitness event may be a fun way for them to start exercising.  As long as their doctor has given them clearance to exercise, a National Senior Health and Fitness Day event may be a great place to start a new exercise routine.  On May 25th, they will have the opportunity to try a new activity which could spark an interest in participating in it regularly.  

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