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How Can You Help Your Elderly Loved One When She's Not Feeling that Great about Her Life?

July 26, 2017

Elder Care in San Jose CA: Improving a Senior's Outlook on Life
Elder Care in San Jose CA: Improving a Senior's Outlook on Life
Everybody goes through phases when life isn't as awesome as they'd like it to be. When that happens for your elderly loved one, it can feel pretty awful for you, too. Here are some ideas for helping your loved one out of a funk.Help Her Get Plenty of Rest.Sometimes when your loved one isn't feeling her best in all areas of her life, sleep takes a back seat. Figure out if a short nap might help or if a later wake-up time might be in order for a bit. You and your loved one might want to sort out what types of before bed activities, such as chamomile tea, might work best to help her get sleep.Get Some Movement In.Talk to your loved one's doctor about bumping up her exercise a bit. Moving more throughout the day can help to release endorphins, which can help your loved one manage her stress much better. Even taking a short walk together around the garden can help your loved one quite a bit.Help Her Eat the Right Foods.If your loved one isn't eating often or she's eating the wrong foods, improving her nutritional intake can help her to sort out what's ailing her. Look closely at what she's eating now and look for ways to add more nutritional options.Reach out to Other People.You may also want to look at whether your loved one is attempting to isolate herself or not. Isolation can make your loved one want to avoid people even more. Reach out to some of her friends and family members to see if they might be able to stop by. If that's not as possible as you'd like, look into hiring elder care providers for companionship.Exercise Her Brain.Having more to think about or to do with her brain can help your loved one to get out of herself, too. Look at the activities that your loved one already enjoys that allow her to work her brain and then include more of them in every day. These same tips work for you, too. Check in with yourself while you're helping your elderly loved one so that you can assess your own needs.

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