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4 Sleep Tips for Seniors

October 14, 2015

Senior Care in Atherton CA

Some people forget just how important it is to get the right amount of sleep each night. As people age, they will need to pay attention to their sleep habits and any problems that come up. There Senior-Care-Atherton-CAare a number of different issues that can prohibit a senior from getting the right amount of sleep. However, finding the right treatments and remedies for sleep ailments will make a senior feel much better. In some cases, a senior care provider will be able to give some advice on how to help them overcome their sleep problems by implementing the following tips:Physical exertion is keyWhen trying to get the right amount of sleep each night, a senior should get some exercise each day. By getting the heart beating with physical exertion, the senior will feel more tired by bedtime and will feel better overall.No napsThe last thing seniors need to do when they are having sleep issues is to take a nap during the day. This will only make matters worse and will usually result in them not being able to get to sleep later that night.  When seniors avoid napping during the day, it will make a big difference in the quality of sleep they get at night.Keep a bedtime routineAnother way for a senior to get better sleep at night is by getting a bedtime routine in place. For example, take the time each night to wind down and relax an hour before bed. Avoid watching television or doing other stimulating activities right before as these can prohibit a senior from being able to fall asleep.Avoid eating or drinking before bedEating and drinking before bedtime is another mistake that can cost a senior a lot of sleep. The excess calories, carbs, or sugar will give seniors extra energy they don't need at night.  Cutting out all snacks and caffeinated drinks before bed will make it much easier for a senior to get to sleep and stay asleep. If sleep problems persist after changes are made, the senior may need to consult with a medical professional for help. In some cases, supplements can also help a senior get the quality sleep they need, but they should consult with the doctor beforehand.   If you or an aging loved one are looking for senior care services in Atherton, CA, please call Familiar Surroundings Home Care. Call today! Santa Clara County: (408) 600-2760 San Mateo County: (650) 458-0140 Santa Cruz County: (831) 325-0890   Source http://www.helpguide.org/articles/sleep/how-to-sleep-well-as-you-age.htm

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