Help Your Elderly Loved One Improve Their Cardiovascular Health

April 14, 2020

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Cardiovascular health is important for everyone, especially when it comes to elderly adults. Research shows that millions of Americans are affected by heart disease. In fact, heart disease is one of the main causes of death for people in the United States. If your elderly loved one’s doctor has stated they have heart health issues, it is important to try to help your loved one do things that make their heart health better. You, other family members, your elderly loved one, and their senior care providers can all work together to improve their heart health.  

Switch Meat to Vegetables 

One of the ways that you can help improve your elderly loved one’s heart health is by switching the meat portions in their meals with vegetables. Research shows that when replacing a huge steak with a smaller piece of meat and some vegetables, heart health will improve. Now keep in mind just doing this once isn’t going to help, but doing it consistently over time will. It is also important to know that red meats will increase the risk of heart disease. Keep this in mind when making meals for your elderly loved one. 

Meatless Monday 

Have you ever heard of meatless Monday? Well, it is a thing and it could be very beneficial for your elderly loved one’s heart health. This basically means that on Mondays your elderly loved one doesn’t eat any meat. If this seems like too much for your elderly loved one, just reduce the amount of meat they have on Mondays. Instead of a meat-based meal, you can have your elderly loved one help you come up with a fun, healthy meal instead.  

Find Fun Exercises 

Another way for you to help your elderly loved one improve their cardiovascular health is by finding them some fun exercises. Maybe they would enjoy pilates or dance exercises. You could even make household chores into an exercise. For instance, maybe they could vacuum and with every few pushes of the vacuum, do a squat.  

Regular Doctor’s Appointments 

If your elderly loved one goes to their regular doctor’s appointments, any changes to their health can be reported. If the doctor sees any red flags of cardiovascular issues, they can recommend lifestyle changes that might help to improve your loved one’s heart health. In addition, if there is anything serious going on, they can refer your loved one to the appropriate doctors to have those issues treated.  

Drinking More Water 

To improve cardiovascular health, your elderly loved one should be drinking more water, as well. They should drink water all throughout the day. You may want to remind them to drink a bottle of water in the morning, with each meal, in the afternoon, and one in the evening, as well.  


These are many of the ways that your elderly loved one can improve their cardiovascular health. By doing these things, they are setting themselves up for heart health success.  


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