Is Your Senior Concerned about Her Immune System?

January 14, 2021

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If your elderly family member’s immune system isn’t as strong as it used to be, she’s not alone. Lots of people find that when they need it most, their immune system is struggling. 

Ask Her Doctor about Vaccinations and Supplements  

Vaccinations for common illnesses, like the flu and pneumonia, can go a long way toward helping your senior’s immune system to do its job. Your elderly family member might be more susceptible to some illnesses than others, which might determine which vaccines are right for her. Your senior’s doctor might also recommend supplements if she is deficient in certain vitamins and minerals.  

Make Sure She’s Eating Regularly and Nutritiously 

Food matters a lot when it comes to keeping your senior healthy. She should be eating regular meals, to start, and they need to be nutritionally dense as well. Foods and meals that focus on whole foods are going to be full of the vitamins and minerals that your senior needs. That means more cooking, though, which can feel like a lot sometimes. Having help from senior care providers can be the perfect answer to a healthier diet. 

Double Check Her Sleep Quality and Movement Plan 

Not getting enough sleep and not moving enough both can affect your senior’s immune system. Sleep is when her body is able to do a lot of the big work of restoring her system, removing waste, and healing whatever her body can heal. A night or two of poor sleep isn’t likely to cause big problems, but if your senior is regularly not sleeping well, that can add up. Moving regularly, even just taking a short walk each day, helps to release endorphins and other chemicals that help with healing and good health. 

Help Her to Reduce Her Stress Levels 

Stress has a huge impact on overall health. When people are stressed over a long period of time, they tend to be more run down and it’s far easier for them to get sick. Your senior might not be dealing with the same stressors that she faced earlier in her life, but she is still experiencing daily stress. Help from senior care providers is one way to reduce her stress levels. 

Practice Good Hygiene in General 

One of the best ways to keep from getting sick is to make sure that the germs just aren’t able to get into your senior’s body in the first place. Hand washing is an easy way to make sure that happens. It’s also a good idea to help her to avoid touching her face regularly. 

Staying healthy is all about adopting good habits that allow her body to do what it’s designed to do. 


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