Companion Care at Home Can Help With Treating and Preventing Depression in Seniors

October 11, 2023

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Seniors are unfortunately very susceptible to depression as they age. This can have a serious impact on their physical health as well, significantly affecting quality of life along the way. Figuring out what is causing depression for seniors is vital, because that allows family caregivers to determine what solutions to put into place. Companion care at home is one option, because companion caregivers help to alleviate loneliness that can lead to depression.

Depression and Seniors

There isn’t just one potential cause of depression for seniors. Loneliness is a big factor, but so are health issues, cognitive changes, medication side effects, and even a family history of depression and other mental health issues. Understanding what is contributing to depression is crucial, so it’s a good idea for seniors to start with a visit to their doctor when they suspect they’re dealing with depression.

Signs of Depression in the Elderly

Not everyone realizes that they’re dealing with depression. That’s why it can sometimes be up to family caregivers to notice that there is something bigger going on. Signs like poor sleep, loss of interest in activities, social withdrawal, poor memory, and difficulty focusing are just a few possible indications that someone might be depressed. Sometimes seniors also stop eating or taking care of their hygiene needs, which can lead to some bigger health issues if not corrected.

Treating Depression for Seniors

Treating depression in seniors is also going to start in their doctor’s office. Ruling out underlying medical conditions is an important first step. From there, doctors may recommend solutions like becoming more physically active, changing dietary habits, or taking medication. Sometimes it can be difficult for seniors to make big changes to what they eat and how often they move. Companion care at home providers can be a huge help when seniors are trying to adopt these new habits and strategies.

Managing Mental Health and Preventing Depression

Continuing to manage mental health and working to prevent depression is another part of the whole process. Once seniors have a plan, it helps to have assistance implementing it. Having someone to hang out with on a regular basis can also help a lot. Companion care at home can be there for seniors to alleviate loneliness, make it easier to engage in certain activities, and to generally keep an eye on how well seniors are doing overall. Knowing that someone is there with their aging adults as they recover from depression can be a huge relief for family members who don’t live close by.

No one enjoys being depressed, and seniors in particular have way too many other things going on to have to battle with depression as well. Finding solutions that work for them and that help to bolster quality of life is so important. It helps so much to have companion care at home available to share conversations and encouragement when seniors need it the most. As their mental health improves, seniors still need that social engagement, and companion caregivers can be there for that, too.

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