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Eight Benefits of Strength Training for Seniors

October 4, 2023

Senior Home Care in Los Gatos CA

Strength training isn’t something that many seniors think about taking up in their golden years, but they should. Strength training involves any type of exercise that uses resistance in order to build muscle strength. Seniors don’t have to lift heavy weights in order to benefit from strength training. What strength training does for seniors is seriously beneficial, however, and it can help them to improve their overall quality of life. 

Improved Bone Health

As seniors age, bone health becomes more and more important. Senior home care professionals can assist seniors with some aspects of bone health, like getting plenty of calcium and vitamin D, but exercise helps as well. Strength training in particular is excellent for bone health. Combining strength training with weight-bearing exercise helps to keep all of the bones throughout the body strong.

Enhanced Joint Health

Because strength training helps improve muscle strength, it also impacts joint health. The muscles support and stabilize the joints, so when they become stronger, they are better able to help the joints to do their jobs, too. Stronger muscles can greatly reduce joint injuries. Combined with solutions like hot and cold therapy, strength training can help to reduce joint pain.

Improved Muscle Mass and Strength

Of course, the obvious benefit of strength training is that muscles become stronger and increase in size. This is especially important for aging adults because muscle mass declines easily for them. By engaging in even small amounts of strength training, seniors can slow this decline at least a little bit.

Better Coordination and Balance 

When preventing falls, it’s important to have solutions available for seniors like home care providers assisting with safety concerns. But other tools, like strength training, also help with balance and coordination. As the muscles grow stronger, it becomes easier for seniors to maintain good balance and flexibility that are necessary to avoid falls and injuries.

Increased Metabolism

Muscles burn more calories than fat does, so when seniors start to lift weights and use resistance training, they also improve their metabolism. For seniors who are having trouble maintaining a healthy weight, strength training is an easy way to get the upper hand in that battle. This can be essential for seniors battling issues like diabetes and heart disease.

Better Health Condition Management

So many health issues improve when seniors exercise more. Strength training in particular can help seniors to deal with cardiovascular health issues, manage blood sugar, and manage osteoarthritis. Adopting even a mild strength training routine can help seniors to get a handle on chronic health issues.

Enhanced Moods

Exercise releases endorphins, so any type of exercise is a great way for seniors to improve their moods. Strength training is no exception to this rule, which makes it an excellent way for seniors to keep their moods in balance. It can also help keep conditions like anxiety and depression in check.

Better Sleep

Sleeping better is something that every senior can benefit from. When seniors engage in an exercise like strength training, they may find it easier to get to sleep and they might sleep deeper once they’re there. Sleep is also more likely to be refreshing for them.

Strength training is just one tool that can help keep seniors in the best of health. With the help of senior home care professionals, aging adults can accommodate regular workouts into their daily routines. Their quality of life is likely to improve immensely by doing so.

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