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How to Limit Arguments With Your Senior Parent

March 14, 2024

As your senior mom and dad age in place, having a difference of opinion on how they should be living is inevitable and it may cause arguments. Unfortunately, arguing with your senior mom or dad as an adult child can put strain on your relationship, and stress on a senior, and it can make both sides more unhappy than is necessary. Arguments can lead to fights which is bad for everyone's mental and physical health. If you have a difference of opinions, that is to be expected, you're different people with different lives. But you need to figure out how to chat about these differences and figure out what your loved one needs to thrive without fighting or arguing. Here are some tips on how you can limit arguing with a senior.

Hire Home Care Assistance

If you find yourself visiting your seniors and starting arguments over their way of living or their quality of life, instead of starting a fight over things they may not be able to control, it’s time to find an alternative solution. Home care assistance can be one of the best professionals for your loved one. They will be the ones to help ensure your loved one stays on a safe routine that includes, waking up at the same time, getting dressed, eating healthy meals, and even going for walks, and going to bed around the same time every day. If you start noticing your loved one is living less of the life they envisioned and it’s causing you stress, it’s definitely time to think about hiring home care assistance, and this extra set of hands in a senior's home may prevent fights among the family.

Always Involve Your Loved One in Decisions

You can’t expect to make decisions for your loved one without getting their input. They chose to age in place because they want freedom and independence so when you come in and make decisions without asking them how they feel about it or think, of course, it could start a fight. You need to sit down with your loved one and ask them what they truly need to age in place with a higher quality of life. When you avoid asking them their side it can cause them to feel like they’re losing a sense of control and they may become more stubborn even when you’re trying to help them.

Listen to Them

Sometimes an adult child listens but not openly. You may hear what they are saying but are closed off to any ideas other than your own. This can be a huge problem when you are caring for an elderly loved one. Instead of assuming the things they need, ask them what they think they need and truly listen to what they’re saying.

Any Changes Should be Made Slowly

Many seniors have been living their lives the same way since they were kids or young adults. This means any sudden or drastic changes can be uncomfortable for them and it may even lead to fights with whoever is making the changes for them. Your loved one may agree to smaller changes that lead to a bigger lifestyle or home changes over time. Starting small can prevent stress and also prevent any fights between you and your loved one. If you need help making these small changes, ask home care assistance for help and guidance.

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