What Should You Know about Hip Injuries in Seniors?

November 10, 2020

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Your senior’s hips help her to walk, they support her, and they assist with keeping her well balanced as she stands. If she injures her hip, your elderly family member may find that life changes a bit for her.  

What Causes a Hip Injury? 

There are a wide range of causes of hip injuries. They can be a result of a fall or even due to overuse. If your elderly family member is prone to osteoporosis, her bones may weaken to the point that even a small injury affects her hip in big ways. Your elderly family member’s diet might be low in the nutrients that her body needs in order to keep her hips and other joints as healthy as possible. These are all major concerns. 

They’re Common and They Can Create Other Issues  

Hip injuries are a lot more common than you or your senior might realize. Her hips experience a lot of wear and tear, whether she’s walking or sitting. Injuring her hip, even in a small way, can create other concerns. If she’s forced to rest in bed or if she’s injured to the point that she requires surgery, she may experience mental health effects from that injury. Depression, anxiety, and fear of being mobile again are all issues she might need to work through. There are also physical issues that your senior may be faced with, including losing muscle tone if she has to remain in bed for even a couple of weeks. 

What You Need to Look for if You Suspect a Hip Injury 

If you or your elderly family member think that she’s injured her hip, it’s worth talking to her doctor right away. Plenty of people have gotten hairline fractures in their hip and not realized it, so it’s important not to ignore even small symptoms. If the area becomes bruised or your senior experiences pain while walking or when that area is touched, these can all be signs of a potential hip injury. 

Treatments and Solutions  

Depending on the extent of the injury, your elderly family member may only need to rest her hip for a period of time recommended by her doctor. She could also need surgery, physical therapy, and other treatments. Talk to your senior’s doctor about what can help your elderly family member to do as well as possible while healing. It’s also a good idea to bring in elder care providers to offer another layer of assistance. 

If you can help your elderly family member to anticipate what might cause her to injure herself, it’s going to be much easier to avoid that problem.  


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