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Four Ways to Keep Your Senior’s Skin Healthy When it’s Getting Cold Out

November 5, 2020

Senior Care Atherton, CA: Healthy Skin During the Winter

Healthy skin helps to keep your senior’s entire body protected from irritants and other concerns. But as the weather gets colder, skin takes more of a beating. Since November is National Healthy Skin Month, this is the perfect time to look at what you can do to help your senior’s skin stay healthy and supple in colder weather. 

Check to See if a Humidifier Would Help 

One of the first things you can look at is the interior humidity levels in your senior’s home. Interior air in the cooler months tends to become very dry, very quickly. This is because the air itself is drier, but then with heat running the last little bits of humidity fade pretty fast. There are inexpensive and accurate humidity monitors that let you see at a glance where the humidity is. Around 40 percent is usually fairly comfortable. If the levels are lower, consider using a humidifier. 

Pay Closer Attention to Bed Linens and Cozy Blankets 

Skin sensitivity might mean that you want to pay a little closer attention to your senior’s bed linens and even those cozy blankets that she curls up with on the couch. When those blankets and linens get dirty or when they’re being used more often, they tend to collect skin oils, skin cells, and other possible irritants. Swapping them out for clean versions is a good plan. 

Take a Peek at the Hot Water Heater 

How hot is the water temperature in your senior’s home? It’s a good idea to double check the hot water heater and maybe turn the temperature down just a few degrees. You and your senior won’t notice much difference, but your senior’s skin might. It’s tempting to stick with really hot showers and baths and they may even be comfortable. But really hot water is incredibly drying for skin and it can cause your senior’s skin to be much more sensitive than it normally is. 

Pat Skin Dry and Include Lotion in Her After-bath Routine 

After your senior bathes, it’s more important than ever for her to pay attention to how she dries her skin. If she’s rubbing briskly with a towel and trying to get every bit of water whisked away from her skin, that’s a problem. Encourage her to pat her skin dry and to leave a bit of moisture. Following up with a round of lotion helps to lock that moisture in so her skin feels less dry and tight. If your elderly family member is starting to need help with bathing, now might be a good time to bring in senior care providers to help. 

If your senior’s skin still feels soft and looks healthy, it probably is. Look for signs of dryness and encourage her to drink plenty of water, too. 


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